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A Hole In My Sock #sol23

I didn’t pay attention when I put on my socks this morning and I wish that I had. There was a hole in my left sock and as the morning progressed, I could feel one of my toes exploring that hole. By lunchtime, half of my toe had pushed through the hole, making it larger. That one little hole was so distracting, especially when I walked down the hall to pick up students in their classrooms.

As soon as I got home, I pulled off those socks and they went into the trash can. I pulled on my favorite slippers and audibly breathes a sign of relief. Tomorrow, I will check my socks very carefully before putting them on!


Trying to find something to write about #sol23

Today has been a quiet day. It’s very cold here, so I haven’t ventured outside. I finished my lesson plans, took a nap, enjoyed leftover chicken casserole, and watched the NASCAR race. When I began a new blog post, my brain went as blank as the page. I don’t know if it’s because I’m still tired or what, but the words just weren’t coming.

There’s still so much to write about with my conference experiences, like Dr. Rebecca Harper’s wonderful session on writing. I could have written about the fun dinner with some of my friends from my district on Friday night. I thought about writing about so many things, but nothing really clicked.

So here is my post for Day 19, which is really a post about nothing at all. I feel like I’m just getting words onto the page, but I reminded myself that’s okay. Showing up is important. I’m not letting writer’s block take over and tomorrow is another day.

Returning home #sol23

Today was the last day of VSLA23 and I just returned home. While I’m tired from driving, it’s been a wonderful three days and I’m so invigorated to start the last nine weeks of the school year.

When I arrived home, Mike had one of my favorite casseroles ready for dinner. We had a relaxing meal and now I’m sitting in my recliner, just enjoying some rest. I may even do a little dozing while we watch t.v. So, tonight’s post will be short with more to come tomorrow!

Conference Day 2 #sol23

Day 2 started bright and early! We had a session about the Virginia Literacy Act and then a General Session with Natalie Wexler. Then I attended a session on multisyllabic words and now I’m waiting for the 1:30 session on Advanced Phonics and Morphology. Then it’s off to Leah Henderson’s session and I’ll cap it off with Dr. Alfred Tatum’s General Session at the end of the day.

As I reflect on the first part of the day, I thought about how I’ve had to push myself out of my comfort zone. I’m a shy person with many introverted tendencies. However, I’ve introduced several speakers, which definitely put me out of my comfort zone. I’ve also had wonderful conversations with other attendees, which again is not easy for me. I also spoke to a group of first-time attendees. I’ve done a fair amount of presenting and find that I can get into a zone when presenting, especially if it’s something that I’m passionate about, but regular interactions aren’t always so easy.

So, while I’m learning a lot professionally, this conference has been another opportunity to stretch me personally. I have to remember that it’s okay to move out of my comfort zone, but not to beat myself up when I stumble.

Now, it’s time for me to turn my attention to finding my session and grabbing a good seat!

Traveling #sol23

Today was my travel day to Norfolk. I gassed up the car, because of course the gas light was on. Anyway, I was soon cruising along on the interstate. While the wind was gusty at times, it was nothing like yesterday, for which I was thankful. The sun was shining and my Mom was able to go with me, so we’ll have a fun girls trip!

I love to travel and I enjoy driving, so I don’t mind the rather long drive to Norfolk. I’m excited to think about all of the great sessions I’m going to attend and all of the ideas that I’ll collect. Plus, there’s a Coach outlet in Norfolk and I haven’t bought a new purse in a really long time.

I know that I’ll be like a kid who can’t sleep on Christmas Eve because I’m excited. Bring on #VSLA23! I’m ready!

Teacher Workday #sol23

We had a teacher workday today and I had such high hopes for what I would accomplish. After a morning meeting, I had a list of things that I wanted to accomplish during the afternoon. Yet, here it is, time to go home, and I’ve accomplished very little on my list. I have books from lessons that I need to organize, but they’re still stacked up. I have some anchor charts that I need to post, but they’re not up yet. I need to clean down the tables, but that hasn’t happened either.

As I wrote all of that, I felt some negativity, so I decided that I needed to focus on the positives of the day. The meeting I attended went well. Everyone had some great ideas and I think we’re moving forward. I had a nice lunch break and didn’t have to scarf down my food. I reviewed some materials that I want to use in future lessons. I answered emails and scheduled a time to take the KPEERI exam. I had a chance to chat with one of the teachers and we discussed a couple of our shared students. So, I did accomplish more than I originally thought!

4×4: Focusing on sounds today #sol23

Yesterday, I used the 4×4 prompt, focusing on things that are within four feet of me. Today, I thought about a spin to that prompt and considered the sounds instead. I closed my eyes for several moments and just listened.

My phone dinged with a text. My Mom is experimenting with some new recipes and has been sending me photos of her efforts.

I hear the commercials playing on the television. A man in trying to child-proof his living room with pool noodles.

I hear the swish of papers as Mike reviews drawings for his current project. He’s making plans for his week, just like I’ve been doing with my lesson plans.

I hear the creak of my office chair as I shift my position.

4×4 #sol23e

I’m trying a new type of slice, inspired by Heidi, about four things within four feet of me. I’m sitting in the living room at my house, my laptop on the computer table that Mike built for me so that I can relax in my recliner and work while also watching t.v.

My study materials for the KPEERI exam are sitting beside me. I should be reviewing my notecards, but there’s an Xfinity race on and the ACC Championship Game will be on before long.

My favorite UVa cup is on the end table beside me. This is a tall, clear cup with Virginia logos and it holds a lot. I’m trying to drink more water, so I filled up the cup with ice to get it super cold. Then, I can also crunch on the ice. I love the ice that my new countertop machine makes. This was an awesome gift!

Three different InkJoy pens are here on my computer table. There are black, blue, and pink pens. I’ve been writing in my notebook (which is also on the table) and I’ve been using them on my study cards for the KPEERI.

Today, I… #sol23

Today’s slice was inspired by The Daily Meow .

Today, I…

…tried to fold an origami Yoda with a fifth grader and failed miserably.

…cleaned off my table and desk at school.

…spilled soup down my shirt while eating lunch.

…tried to organize my inbox, but it’s still a hot mess.

…thought about tonight’s basketball game against Clemson.

…was cranky because the local news didn’t mention anything about UVa’s awesome win over UNC, but they managed to cover a rival team who didn’t win their game. I’m a little irritated about that.

…listened to a fourth grader read on level materials. Last year at this time, she was about a year behind. Her progress has been so much fun to watch!