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Do not cut your own hair! #sol22

I know better than to attempt to cut my own hair, especially my bangs. I should have learned my lesson from past experiences when things did not go particularly well. However, every time that I looked in the mirror, I saw my wild, out-of-control bangs and shuddered. Nothing that I did made them look any better. They were long and seemed to have a mind of their own.

I was getting ready for the first Zoom session of my newest Educational Leadership class and was trying to make myself look presentable. Those horrible bangs were taunting me every time I looked in the mirror. So I did it. I grabbed a pair of scissors and started chopping. Bits of hair sprinkled over the vanity as I hacked away. The scissors weren’t the best—they were dull and I couldn’t get a consistently sharp cut. I persisted though, whacking away at the errant strands.

My bangs were inching higher and higher up my forehead. One side of my bangs were significantly shorter than the other side, so I continued to cut, trying to achieve some degree of symmetry. It didn’t happen. By the time I put the scissors down, I really regretted my rash decision. I looked like a toddler had gotten into my hair with scissors instead of an adult. And I had to join a Zoom meeting in less than an hour.

I did what I could to what was left of my bangs, put the scissors away, and tried to avoid the mirror. When it was time for class, I tried not to focus on my little square and the hot mess that represented my hair. When class was over, though, and I passed by a mirror, I was reminded that it’s a bad idea to cut my own hair!

R-r-r-ip! #sol22

I was minding my business, straightening up my classroom before my next group of students. I’d organized some papers, wiped off tables, and prepared materials. I went to sit down at my table when I heard a frightening noise. That noise was a loud “r-r-r-ip!” I immediately knew what that sound meant and I knew that it wasn’t a good sound.

I stood up, dreading just how bad the situation might be. While it wasn’t as horrible as I first expected, it was bad enough. Of all days, my sweater wasn’t particularly long, so I knew it probably wouldn’t cover everything. I had a couple of jackets in my car, but I was honestly a little worried about traveling out to my car given the situation. However, I knew that’s what I had to do, so I slipped out the side door to the parking lot and grabbed a coat that might work to solve the problem.

Now, I should also note that I typically don’t wear a coat in school. I don’t often get cold, unlike one of my colleagues who keeps a blanket in her classroom. I hoped that I wouldn’t get too warm.

The coat lasted only a short time because I just couldn’t stand it. I kept tugging my sweater and was able to stay seated a lot. Unfortunately, though, every time I sat down in my chair, I heard the fabric give a little more.

Finally, it was the end of the day and I was able to walk carefully to my car. I waited until no one else was around in the hallway to make my getaway. I was so relieved to finally make it home!

Auditions for OLW #sol22

I’ve been thinking a lot about my One Little Word (OLW) for 2022. Part of me wants to hang on to “confident,” my word from last year. I feel like that’s a word that I still need to keep close. However, the word “persistent” keeps clamoring for attention. Every time that I think about another word, persistent keeps popping up. For some reason, “persistent” has been a really persistent word on my list!

OLWs are like the charms on my bracelet. As I add one, it has its own story and its own reason for being on the bracelet. However, I’m pretty new to having an OLW, so my OLW “bracelet” is still kind of sparse. Maybe that’s another reason for not letting go of “confident” while also adding a new word like “persistent.” Maybe I need to think about how these words coexist and can all provide encouragement.

I also think of the process of selecting my OLW as an audition. I’ve reminded myself that it is okay to try out a word to see if it fits. Maybe it’s the perfect “charm” on my “bracelet.” Maybe it’s not the right charm at the right time. I need to remember why I’m taking the time to select an OLW. The audition process has to be careful and meaningful if the word is to make a true impact.

Currently #sol22

I’m using one of my favorite prompts this evening!

Currently, I am…

1. Thinking about…the first day back to school tomorrow.

2. Listening to…endless commercials on t.v.

3. Enjoying…scrolling through photos that I discovered on an old external disk drive. So many memories!

4. Eating…nothing at this moment, but there’s coconut cake in the fridge!

5. Waiting for…the UVa basketball game at 9 p.m. (I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay up, though!)

6. Needing to…check my email.

7. Hoping that…UVa wins tonight!

8. Thankful for…a wonderful holiday break!

Christmas Surprise #sol21

On Christmas morning, we were gathered in the living room after our traditional breakfast. Mom and I had handed out the gifts and I had my camera ready to record everything. I usually like to hold off on opening my gifts because I love to take pictures of everyone as they open their gifts.

Mike pointed out one gift box that he wanted me to start with. It wasn’t a large box, but it wasn’t a small box either. I took time to admire his wrapping job—-he wraps much better than I ever will!

I opened the box to find another box. Then, when I opened that box, there was another box! After four boxes, I discovered a small box tied with a ribbon. I opened that box and there a diamond ring was nestled. I stared at the ring for a moment, processing, before Mike said words that brought tears to my eyes. It was a beautiful Christmas surprise and I can’t wait to continue our journey together!

The Turkeys Go Marching One By One #sol21

Mike snapped this picture near his house and shared it with me. My first thought was, “Wow, they walk in a straighter line than most kindergarteners!” I was impressed with their progression through the field! Then, I thought of the song, “The ants go marching one by one,” which my kindergarteners really got into when I used the book with my student. So, I started humming, “the turkeys go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah!” I wondered where all of these turkeys were heading. Would they stay in such a formation for the entire trip? Did they notice that Mike stopped to take a picture? Now, I think there could be a whole story created around this one picture. Maybe I will take out my notebook and draft a story about these turkeys!

O Christmas Tree #sol21

This year, Mike and I decided to decorate a University of Virginia themed Christmas tree. However, the ornaments can be quite costly, so we did a DIY version with the help of my very crafty Mom. She painted the ornaments and applied UVa decals. She also had blue and orange lights in her craft collection for outdoor decorating. Mike put the artificial tree together and handled all of the lights, for which I am so thankful. I placed the ornaments and we both loved the final product. We really appreciated Mom’s crafty talents!

I love to turn off all of the lamps and overhead lights and just sit and enjoy the glow of the lights on the tree. That’s always one of my favorite ways to relax during the holidays!

A reader’s dilemma #sol21

I ordered a book for Mike for Christmas and just received the notification that it’s on its way. I think that he’s going to enjoy the book…but I now have a dilemma. You see, I’ve been wanting to read this book, too, and I am so tempted to peek at it (okay, read it) before wrapping it. Yes, I know that I’m horrible for even thinking about reading a book that’s intended as a gift, but it is so incredibly tempting to sneak a peek or two (or more). He wouldn’t mind if I checked it out first…I do need to make sure that it is a good book. I really wouldn’t want to gift a “bad” book!

At least the book hasn’t arrived yet, so it’s still just a thought…

Six Word Memoirs on a Busy Day #sol21

Today is one of those days where I’m in between meetings after school and I have a feeling that I will be tired when I do arrive home somewhere around 5:30. As a result, I’m going to allow myself to write a short post for today’s slice with some six word memoirs.

Surprised by administration with an award.

Data meetings fostered meaningful conversations.

The bag of chocolate is empty!

Did I brush my hair today?

Mom’s Christmas gift: no longer surprising.

Disinfect the classroom banning all germs!

Enjoying these precious moments to write.

How did he do that? #sol21

I love watching the cows on the farm where Mike lives. I’ve named several and I’m starting to think one (Rosie) now recognizes that name. When I’m traveling up and down the lane where I can see them, I often roll down the window and check on them. Some of them have become almost like pets.

Coming down the driveway, I caught sight of two of the cows munching on hay. However, when I looked closer, I noticed that the younger cow was inside of the round bale feeder. I had to stop the car (and snap a photo!). How on earth did he do that?

When I returned later, the young cow was no longer in the feeder. Again, what happened? How did he escape?