First Fawn Of The Year #sol23

Mike and I enjoy taking rides on the country roads near our house. We especially enjoy these rides in the spring and summer and love to count how many deer we see while we’re out. We were cruising along when we came upon this little one. Right before I snapped the photo, the mom took off, leaving the fawn standing there. After I took the picture, he scampered off in his mother’s direction and I hope that it found her quickly. This fawn was the first of the season and I can’t wait to see others!


Currently #sol23

It’s the last week of school and I’m finishing paperwork and packing up my classroom so I decided to do a “Currently” post since things are so busy.

Currently, I am…

Thinking about…sitting in the swing on the front porch and watching the calves play.

Needing to…finish some reports tonight.

Watching…the Georgia Tech-UNC baseball game. UVa has to play both of them, so we’re checking out the competition.

Drinking…a big glass of iced tea. I need to stop crunching on the ice.

Reading…I’ve been in a reading slump lately. I have a lot of great professional books to read, but I’m searching for some other books to read.

Listening to…the washing machine humming along with a load of clothes.

Dreaming about…the chocolate ice cream in the freezer.

Looking forward to…finding out who my secret pal is tomorrow. My secret pal has spoiled me with new notebooks, chocolate, and Diet Dr. Pepper!

Take me out to the ballgame! #sol23

I attended my first college baseball game on Friday. Mike and I have been talking about going to a UVa baseball game for a long time and a couple of weeks ago, I ordered tickets. I was shocked at how affordable the tickets were. We spent $20 on each ticket and were able to get great seats.

We follow the baseball team along with the basketball teams. We were particularly excited to see Jake Gelof, who is now UVa’s home run leader of all time and had 81 RBIs last year, which broke the record at UVa. I also like following Griff O’Ferrall, although we enjoy watching all of the players.

The ballpark is super nice, the fans were great, and we loved the atmosphere. There were a lot of families, including the sweet family sitting in front of us. I enjoyed watching the dad, grandfather, and two little boys watch the game together. We also appreciated that the experience did not cost a lot of money. We took advantage of “happy hour” pricing for our hot dogs and drinks and with popcorn for Mike and ice cream for me, we spent around $25 all together. Plus, we won 15-5!

Rosie’s baby: The sequel #sol23

Last spring I wrote about a cow that I named Rosie. Rosie lives in the pasture across from my house and has become a favorite. Although Rosie is not my cow, I named her and whenever I see her in the field, I have to stop and say hello. Sometimes she acknowledges me and sometimes she just keeps grazing. There are times when I think that I should have named her Hoover because she can put away some grass!

Anyway, last spring, Rosie had a precious little calf that I named Rosette. I can’t tell how many photos I snapped of Rosie and her photogenic little one.

Earlier this week, I was a little worried about Rosie. I hadn’t seen her for a while. Then, she suddenly reappeared on Sunday and from a distance, I could see tiny black calf beside her. “Rosie has a new baby!” I told my husband.

I couldn’t get a good picture, but immediately started thinking of names for the baby. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet hit on the right one. This naming process might take a little time. When Mike arrived home this evening, he held out his phone to show me the photo he’d taken of the baby. I can’t wait to watch this little one grow!

Eavesdropping #sol23

I love listening to conversations between my students. Not only do I learn a lot about them, but I often get a good laugh or they give me something to think about. Today was no different. I had two second graders, B and C, and B was all excited because he and his dad were going to help a neighbor cut down a tree and they were going to get some firewood from it. B loves the outdoors and cutting grass and weeds, so I knew that this was right up his alley.

After B mentioned that he was going to help cut down trees after school:

C: Those trees are Mother Nature.  It’s killing Mother Nature!

B: We still need them for our house to keep us warm.

C: Why don’t you buy a heater?

The whole conversation, which I couldn’t record fast enough to keep up, fascinated me. When C brought up buying a heater, though, I interrupted their conversation to start our lesson.

Reviewing the day #sol23

I’m finishing up last minute edits on a presentation that I’m giving tomorrow. It’s after 10:00, so I’m writing some six word memoirs to review my day.

Chocolate chip cookies make everything better.

First day of testing is over!

Thankful for caffeine, chocolate, and laughter.

Put the phone down and concentrate.

A Raccoon With Puppy Dog Eyes #sol23

Mike and I had a wonderful trip to Tennessee! We stayed in a cute little cabin called “Cupid’s Crossing” and we enjoyed exploring Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. We attended a fun dinner theater (I’m still salivating over the fried chicken!), had a great (if wet) day at Dollywood, did some shopping at the outlet mall, and rode a mountain coaster (that was a little nerve wracking). We saw Lauren Alaina at Dollywood and enjoyed her show. I loved watching the glassblowers and blacksmiths and was amazed at their creativity. We ate a lot, too! It’s a good thing that we walked a lot and I’m thankful for the cortisone shots that kept my ankles moving.

Each night, almost always at the exact same time, we had an adorable visitor on our deck. I had gone to the kitchen to get a snack and as I walked back into the family room, I caught a glimpse of something. When I realized that it was a raccoon, I nearly dropped my cookies. The raccoon watched me intently as I ate my cookies, too, and continued to watch me hopefully. Those eyes…

When Mike came into the room, he chuckled, but encouraged me not to give in to the temptation to feed the raccoon. We figured that the raccoon has gotten pretty familiar with people because it didn’t seem fearful or uncomfortable. In fact, it seemed to be waiting for one of us to open the door.

The raccoon did this every evening and I was usually snacking on something. One night, I had to turn around to finish my snack because those eyes were getting to me. I half expected the raccoon to be sitting in the car when we left the cabin to return home!

Random Thoughts #sol23

We had a talent show at school today and I was blown away by the kids who participated. First, it takes a lot to stand on a stage in front of the whole school (about 145 kids) and families. We have some kids who can really belt out a song! There were also students playing the piano, a magic show, a skit, a gymnastics routine, and more! I was so happy to see a number of my students participate!

I am horrible about running my car until the gas light comes on. Today, although I was really tired, I forced myself to stop at the gas station. We’re supposed to have some nasty weather, so I didn’t want to be at home with a gas tank nearly on empty.

My Mom has a wonderful blue love seat in her living room and when I sit in it, I get so comfortable that I immediately want to take a nap. I stopped by after school today and had to force myself to sit up.

The rain is making such a pleasant sound on the skylight. I hope that it stays calm. The forecast for the winds tomorrow makes me a little nervous.

I thought about writing a post about the last day of the SOL challenge. As I thought about such a post, I realized that I didn’t want to write a wrap-up post celebrating the last day because I want to maintain my writing momentum. I was afraid that my post would be more of a focus on completion and I don’t want this month to be just about completing the challenge, but to reestablish my writing rhythm. I’m not sure if that makes sense, though.

And finally, spring break is here! I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation and new adventures!

Before that… #sol23

I’m getting ready to have dinner. Mom fixed pork chops and the smells in her kitchen are divine!

Before that, I drove to Mom’s house because we were having dinner with her.

Before that, I left school. I always feel like I’m forgetting something when I walk out the doors!

Before that, I participated in an IEP meeting. I loved sharing all of the growth that this student has made this year!

Before that, I had my afternoon groups of students and worked on wrapping up lessons as we approach spring break.

Before that, I had lunch and worked on lesson plans for after spring break.

Before that I participated in a Student Assistance Team meeting.

Before that, I worked with three of my morning groups. My group of fifth grade boys were on point!

Before that, I arrived at school and made sure that I was prepared for the day.

Before that, I drove to school. I saw two deer grazing in a field about a mile from school.

Before that, I ate breakfast with Mike and caught up on the news. I packed my lunch and filled my big water bottle with iced tea.

Before that, I got ready for school. It always takes me awhile to feel functional!

Before that, I woke up after a good night’s sleep!