Book Title Poem #sol20

I struggled to develop a slice today, but didn’t want to give in to the blank page. I started scanning the titles in my Kindle and decided to create a poem using some of the titles. The words in bold are my additions.

Language at the Speed of Sight creating

The Magic Words because we are

Writing To Be Understood while

Navigating The Creative Curve

Requiring Deep Work

Our Story Begins here

A new writing tool #sol20


Jen Laffin (from Teach Write) introduced me into a new writing tool that I’m really excited about.  The new tool is called Writer: the internet typewriter (Writer, The Internet Typewriter) and I’ve spent the past couple of days playing around with it.  I’ve found this tool to be particularly attractive because it provides an environment where distractions are reduced.  Sometimes, even when writing in Google Docs, it’s easy to be distracted.  I also love the typewriter sounds that can be turned on when writing.  There’s just something magical about the click-clacking of a typewriter and it took me back to my tenth birthday when my parents gifted me with an electric typewriter.  I loved the sound of the keys and that’s one thing that I miss when typing on my laptop.  There was just something so powerful and magical about each keystroke on the typewriter.  Those clicks were encouraging because with each tap of the keys, letters formed words that represented and validated my ideas.

I wrote for about thirty minutes straight and felt like the words were flowing.  I actually had to pull myself away from the computer because it was almost midnight and I had to get up early the next day! Every time since, I’ve had to peel myself away from the keyboard.  I love new writing tools like this, but I always have to be careful to evaluate whether or not they’re benefitting me.  However, as I’ve worked with Writer, it seems to be more than just a flash-in-the-pan tool, but something that can really help build my productivity.  I’m so glad that Jen shared this tool with me and I can’t wait to write more!

Dear Internet #sol20


Dear Internet,

I’m going to get to the point quickly.  Why are you so slow? Why are you making everything so difficult for me? You were great during my first Zoom meeting today, but during my second one, you really let me down.  Things kept freezing and I really needed to be able to chat with the other folks in the meeting.  Do you know how hard it is to try to express yourself clearly and quickly in the chat in order to keep up with the conversation? It’s not fun!

And don’t get me started on trying to upload my lessons for the class I’m taking.  Do you know how many hours I waited for things to be uploaded? Do you know how tired I got while watching the painfully slow uploads? I could have already had everything uploaded, but you just are not cooperating.  I have one more week of this class, so you still have an opportunity to redeem yourself.

I know that you’ve been working hard, especially these past few months, and that there are a lot of people using you.  But are you really that busy 24-7? Isn’t there some time when I don’t have to wait?

So, later tonight, when I’m uploading my next lesson’s materials or connecting on a Zoom meeting, please be kind and work quickly.  I would really appreciate your help and support!



What Day Is It? #sol20

I’ve been struggling to differentiate one day from another, particularly since the start of the pandemic. I consistently lose track of the day and have joked that I need to put a whiteboard up here at home with the date just like I did at school.

Today, I worked on assignments for an online class and spent some time relaxing with a book. The day was quiet, yet pleasant. I had dinner with my family. After dinner, I retreated to my recliner in the den, prepared to continue reading. I don’t know what made me think of the day of the week, but something was said about Tuesday and everything suddenly clicked. I shot up out of my chair and said, “It’s Tuesday! I have to blog!” It had not occurred to me that today was Tuesday. I had gone all day without even thinking about the day of the week. Maybe that whiteboard is a good idea! But, who is going to change the date every day? Someone else would have to be in charge of it!

Relaxing Country Roads #sol20

I’ve been going on a lot of rides lately. Earlier this evening, we headed out after supper and cruised around on the county’s country roads. We actually put about 50 miles on the car before pulling back into the driveway. I love these drives because not only do I have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside, but I relax so much during the drives. Any worries or concerns seem to evaporate on these journeys. The picture below is from this evening’s trip.

Over the weekend, M and I also took a trip around the countryside on a genealogy field trip. We explored several cemeteries and I snapped a couple of photos of the surroundings in between searching for tombstones. As I enjoyed the peace and beauty of my county, I felt so relaxed and peaceful. The pictures below were taken on Saturday.

Currently #sol20

This has been one of those days. Between Zoom meetings and working on an online class, time has flown by and I realized that it was Tuesday and I almost forgot to draft a slice. So, I’m relying on a favorite prompt tonight.

Currently, I am…

Thinking about…an evening snack.

Listening to…my stomach growling.

Reading…a book about genealogy research.

Dreaming about…the day when the pandemic is over.


Excited about…the genealogy research that M and I are working on together.

Planning…to visit a few cemeteries for genealogy research.

Grateful for…my family.

Walking down the road #sol20

M and I have started taking evening walks more regularly. I had been walking multiple times a week to help with my diabetes and weight loss, but in the past couple of months, I’ve really struggled with motivation to do this. M suggested that we start walking the country lane at his house, and right now, we’re walking about a mile at a time.

Often, while out walking, we see deer and rabbits (thankfully not Bob the Bear, though).  Recently, M stopped to point out the track below.  Unfortunately, the deer had already passed through, but did at least leave some evidence.  I had to snap a photo of the print and envision using this as a tool for a writing lesson in the fall.


Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 3.05.52 PM

Now, every time we go for a walk at M’s house, I’m always on the lookout for similar tracks and other tracks! 

Bob the Bear #sol20

I’ve written several posts about the animals that live around my significant other’s house. There’s Olie the possum (who just returned after an absence and will probably be the topic of a future post), Roscoe the Raccoon (he showed up one evening on the back deck), a number of deer (I haven’t named them yet), cows, and a bunch of rabbits. Last weekend, Bob the bear made another appearance (although this was the first time I’d actually seen him).

Bob has a reputation in M’s small neighborhood. He’s gotten into the neighbor’s trash and even their car one night. Right after M purchased a new grill this spring, Bob turned it over, messing up the propane tank and the connector between the tank and the grill. We have to be so careful about not leaving anything outside because of Bob.

Sunday, we were sitting at the dining room table and when I glanced outside, I saw a bear cruising through the backyard, just feet from the end of the deck. I couldn’t say anything and could only point a finger. M turned and looked to see what captured my attention and jumped from his chair. He slid open the door and started shouting. The bear lumbered a long a little faster, but I don’t think that Bob was capable of moving too quickly. He finally crossed over into the field behind M’s house and disappeared. I was worried because that section is where the deer usually hang out. We didn’t see the deer for the rest of the evening, so I imagine they were avoiding Bob. After coming face-to-face with Bob, I think it’s a good idea to do the same!

Virtual Flower #sol20


My phone dinged signaling a text. I reached for my phone, noticing that the text was from M, my significant other. When I opened the text, I saw this beautiful magnolia with a sweet message.  I loved and appreciated that he took time from his busy day to think of me and to share this image.  It definitely brightened my day! 


A little deer watching #sol20


I love to watch for deer at M’s house.  Last summer, we put up a trail camera at the edge of the yard and captured so many photos and videos of wildlife.  I especially love the deer, but I do enjoy seeing any of the different animals that are around.

We put up a trail camera in a different place last week.  There’s a tree in the backyard, so we placed it there.  A couple of does had cruised through the yard one evening after supper, so we figured that we’d be able to capture something, although only one ventured close enough to the camera to have her picture taken.  However, two raccoons and a squirrel also stopped long enough to have their pictures recorded.   Squirrels really seem to love having their pictures taken.  Last year, we had dozens of squirrel photos!

On Sunday, we decided to move the camera a little closer to the woods where we’d observed a group of does.  Apparently, the does had really been paying attention to their surroundings.  One doe ventured out and quickly started to cross at the edge of the yard.  There’s a field beyond M’s house with lots of grass and she seemed pretty intent on her destination until she came to the post with the camera.  She literally stopped in her tracks and stared at the camera.  Then, she very cautiously stepped behind the camera, watching it the entire time.  Once she was clear of the camera, she continued on towards the field, where she stopped to graze.  It was as if she knew exactly what was going on and wanted nothing to do with the camera.  I hope that as she continues to cross through the yard, she’ll realize that there is no danger associated with the camera so we can get some photos (I’m hoping that eventually there will be a fawn with her!), but for now, we’ll just enjoy seeing her in person.