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About Jennifer Floyd, Ed.D.

I am a K-5 Reading Specialist in Virginia. I received my doctorate in reading education from the University of Virginia in 2016. I am passionate about literacy!

Song Poetry #sol19


I didn’t know what I wanted to write about today.  I’d thought about my slice all day and struggled.  I think that slicing is often more challenging once school’s out because so often, school provides fodder for my writing.  I’ve discovered that I enjoy writing poetry, so I decided to spend some time writing poems based on the song titles in my music library.  The song titles are in blue.  The other words are ones that I added.

Dear Younger Me,

I Can Only Imagine

My Story

I Trust In You

Because You Say

Everything Comes Alive

And that I need to Cast My Cares

On Your Shoulders.

Press On

Through It All

Because you will Glow in the Dark.


Ten Things Tuesday #sol19

I’ve been on summer vacation for almost a full week. As I look back on the past week, I thought that I’d write a “Ten Things Tuesday” post in honor of this first week of vacation.

1. I had a “Girls Day Out” with my Mom and my grandmother. We had lunch and enjoyed the time together. As busy as those last few weeks of school are, I wanted to spend some time with them when I wasn’t thinking about packing up my classroom or paperwork on any of the other end-of-the-year tasks that peppered my to-do list.

2. I went on several rides on the country roads in my county and enjoyed just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

3. I reconnected with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. This has been such a gift!

4. While in a nearby town, I discovered a park that I’d never visited before. It had a nice walking trail and a peaceful creek. I look forward to visiting this park again.

5. I continue to participate in the Teach Write Time to Write workshop and not only look forward to that dedicated writing time, but also to hanging out with the other teacher writers who participate. They’ve inspired me so much as a writer!

6. I’ve been able to read several books and am waiting impatiently for an email from the library indicating that books I have on hold are ready to be checked out.

7. I’ve spent time clearing out old papers and files at home. I started doing this at school before the end of the year and now I’m doing the same thing at home. I love the feeling of being able to toss and shred so many things!

8. I have gotten back on track with walking. Between state testing and the end of the school year, I made too many excuses not to walk. But that’s finally changed and I already feel better!

9. I worked on a presentation that I’m giving for two VSRA meetings later this month. I’m looking forward to spending time in northern Virginia and southwestern Virginia. It’s been a long time since I’ve traveled to the southwest part of the state, so I’m excited about doing some sight-seeing while I’m there.

10. I’ve stayed up late and reveled in being able to sleep in without having an alarm beeping in my ear. I love to write late at night and being able to take advantage of this time has been wonderful!

Dear Copy Machine


Dear Copy Machine,

It’s the end of the school year and the only teacher workday.  I needed to make just a few copies of things for student files.  I might have needed ten pieces of paper copied at the most.  That’s nothing compared to what you usually handle.  So why did you balk when I hit the “Copy” button? Why did it take me at least fifteen minutes to make a handful of copies? Were you already in vacation mode? Did you cringe when I placed the first paper on the glass? Did I interrupt a nap? I know that we haven’t needed you much recently.  Are you mad about that? Or, are you angry that you’ll be stuck in a dark workroom until early August? I don’t know what made you cranky, but you were in a bit of a snit this morning.  So dear copy machine, I hope that you relax over this summer vacation and that the next time our paths cross, you’re in a better mood!



Thoughtful Gestures #sol19


I have the best colleagues.  Really, I do.  These folks, though, really are more than just the people I work with, but over the years, they’ve become dear friends.  We’ve laughed together, celebrated together, and cried together.  We’ve supported each other during the good times and the bad.

This morning, when I walked into my classroom, a vase with flowers sat on the table beside my computer.  G, probably one of my closest friends at school, had picked these from her garden as a “thank you” for helping her with a project.


While the flowers are beautiful, it’s the thought that meant so much to me.  It’s these kinds of gestures that are common at my school.  It doesn’t have to be flowers, but a handful of candy in someone’s box or a large iced tea from McDonald’s or a hug. If someone’s had a rough day, these gestures are common.  If someone has something to celebrate, this kind of gesture is a regular occurrence, for which I am always thankful!

Processing Events Through Writing #sol19

Last Friday, my school was evacuated because the country store just a stone’s throw from our campus exploded.  I’ll never forget that sound and the sight of the column of black smoke rising from a place that meant a lot to this community.  This store was more than just a place where we stopped to get snacks, drinks, or gas.  It was a core part of the community and the family that operated the store were beloved neighbors.

Ever since, I’ve spent a lot of time writing in my notebook as I attempt to make sense of things.  When we evacuated to the local high school, I wished that I could curl up with a notebook because my fingers itched to record my feelings and to start processing the events of the day.   When I finally arrived home Friday afternoon, after being hugged tightly by my everyone in my family, I took some time to write.   I filled page after page with words that helped me release the thoughts and feelings and this enabled me to work through everything that had happened.  While I’m still shaken by Friday’s events, writing has been an invaluable part of that process.

Appreciation For A Colleague #sol19


I snapped the photo below during recess.  I couldn’t resist taking this picture because it reminded me of why G, the teacher in the picture is so special.  She is not only a fabulous teacher, but she connects with students, even when it’s something that seems as simple as a kickball game. I’ve been blessed to work with her  for thirteen years and I am so glad that she is both a colleague and a friend.  One thing that I really appreciate about G is her willingness to learn and ask questions.  She also always seems to know when someone needs a hug or encouragement.  She is one of the most positive people I know and she always has a kind word to say.  I can’t imagine our school without her!


An Evening Drive #sol19


This evening I took a drive over some of the country roads around home.  I find these drives relaxing, especially after a long day.  It was a beautiful spring evening and I had to stop and take a photo of the sunset.  I was also reminded that I’m so blessed to live in such a beautiful area and to be surrounded by the mountains!