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About Jennifer Floyd, Ed.D.

I am a K-5 Reading Specialist in Virginia. I received my doctorate in reading education from the University of Virginia in 2016. I am passionate about literacy!

Currently #sol19


Today has been one of those busy days where a few extra hours would have been helpful.  As a result, I’m relying on the tried-and-true “Currently” format this evening.

Currently, I am…

listening to… the sound of popping corn…snack time is almost here!

drinking…a glass of icy cold water (and trying not to crunch the ice).

thinking about…beginning of the year assessments and the needs of my new students.

reading…Front Desk by Kelly Yang.

missing…connecting with my Teach Write Time to Write workshop friends.

waiting…for the phone to ring so I can talk to a special friend.

wearing…my favorite school shirt.

sitting in… my favorite recliner.

thankful for…a great beginning to my twenty-first year as a teacher!





This week/Last week #sol19


Last week, I enjoyed my few final days of summer vacation.

This week I am back at school, working in my classroom and attending beginning of the year meetings.

Last week, I lead my first Virginia State Reading Association board meeting.

This week, I am thinking about how my classroom is organized.

Last week, I wore my contacts until they started to irritate my eyes.

This week, I’m wearing my glasses, which I don’t like to do.

Last week, I reconnected with my VSRA colleagues/friends and had the opportunity to catch up with them.

This week, I’m reconnecting with my colleagues/friends and catching up.

Last week, I shared book recommendations with my VSRA colleagues/friends.

This week, I shared book recommendations with my colleagues/friends at school.

Last week, I looked forward to the start of a great year with VSRA.

This week, I am looking forward to a great school year.



Drive-thru Dog #sol19


I was sitting in the line at Cook Out, trying to decide which flavor of shake I wanted when I noticed this dog in front of me.  We have a lot of bear dogs in my county, so it’s not unusual to see kennels on the backs of trucks with one or more dogs.  This fellow, though, captured my attention and made a long wait in the drive thru a bit more entertaining, especially when he saw his reflection in a side window just to the left of us.  He started barking, a low, deep bark, until the truck finally inched forward. Then, he started watching me. As the smell of cooking hamburgers wafted through the air, I felt as though he was letting me know that he’d enjoy a nice, juicy burger, too. By the time the I finally picked up my order, I was starting to feel guilty andI was ready to hand over my meal to this dog!







BFFs know us best! #sol19


I was having one of those days.  As Judith Viorst’s Alexander would say, “It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.” Like Alexander, I was ready to move to Australia.

Then, my cell phone rang and I saw my best friend’s name on the screen, instantly making the day immediately seem better, a feeling amplified when I actually heard the sound of his voice on the phone.  After listening to me recount every little detail about why my day had been so horrible, he asked if there was anything that he could do for me.  When I said no, he then made the perfect suggestion.

“Jen, I think that you need to go get a book and curl up somewhere and just read for a while.” I paused for a moment to think about his suggestion.  He went on to say that I needed some time just to relax and he knows how I am about getting lost in a good book.  We chatted for a little longer, but as soon as the call ended, I grabbed my Kindle, selected a book, and curled up to read.  Before long, the worries of the day had vanished as I delved into the story and I was no longer feeling frazzled.  My best friend was right.  A little bibliotherapy was all that I needed!

Distracted by books #sol19


Last week, I participated in a series of professional development sessions on project-based learning offered by my school division.  The sessions were held in our middle school’s library, and honestly, that was the absolute worst place for me.  This setting was such a huge problem for me because I was distracted every time I had to get up and move away from my table.  Each time that I left my seat, my eyes wandered to the book shelves and I started looking at all of the different titles.  Sometimes, I saw beloved favorites, while other times, I noticed books that were on my TBR list.  Several times, I had to stop myself from reaching out and pulling a book from a shelf.  It took a lot of willpower not to pick up a book and start reading during our breaks throughout the day.  I had to really concentrate on ignoring the smorgasbord of books that surrounded me and tempted me.  When the week finally concluded, though, I had a list of books to read and time to enjoy them!

Currently #sol19


Today has been a busy day.  I’m involved in division-based professional development all week, teaching an online course, and participated in the first evening of Jen Laffin’s Focus on Fiction workshop.  As a result, when it came time to slice, I found myself falling back on an old favorite, the “Currently” slice.

Currently, I am…

thinking about…the Rice Krispy treats in the kitchen.

hoping that…there will be something to watch on t.v. later.

reading…other slices

writing…my slice

eating…nothing right now, but I really want one of those Rice Krispy treats.


wearing…one of my favorite bracelets.

enjoying…a relaxing evening.

feeling…tired…but the good kind of tired that you feel after accomplishing a lot

watching…the blinking cursor.






A Lesson Learned #sol19


I spent some time outside yesterday doing some chores in the backyard.  I removed a bracelet and rings before working outside, but didn’t think about my necklace.  It’s a small silver medallion with my initials.  The medallion is made so that it is open in the spaces between my initials.  I’ve worn it ever since my birthday last month and have gotten so used to wearing the necklace so it didn’t occur to me to take it off.

I worked outside for about an hour or so and got a lot accomplished.  After I went back inside the house, I didn’t really think about my time in the sun until later in the evening when I looked in the mirror and I noticed something that surprised me.  My scalp and my nose were both a little pink, but then when I looked down, everything was pink except for a a perfect pale circle where my necklace had rested.

So, I learned a lesson from my time in the sun yesterday.  Always, always, always take off any necklaces unless you want some interesting tan lines!