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A thunderstorm…seriously? #sol18


I spent most of the afternoon and early evening curled up in my grandfather’s recliner reading.  After going to see A Wrinkle in Time with a group of children from my school, I wanted to reread Madeleine L’Engle’s books, and that’s basically all that I did today.  I finally left the recliner because I realized what time it was and that I hadn’t yet posted a slice for today.  So I sat down in front of the computer, without any real plan.  As I opened a new post, I heard a crack of thunder.  Moments later, I heard rain beating against the house.  Thunder rumbled again and again.  Seriously? A thunderstorm? We just had a snow day on Monday and now a thunderstorm on Saturday? And snow is in the forecast in the middle of next week.

The storm didn’t last long-maybe ten minutes at the most, but that was long enough.  Now I’m ready to return to my grandfather’s recliner, Kindle in hand.  Let’s see…what am I going to read next?


“Where were you today?”#sol18


“Where were you today?” the second grader asked as he headed to his bus.  I quickly explained that I was at another school giving literacy assessments and then had some testing to do at our school.  I had barely finished my explanation when one of his classmates came up to me and repeated the same question as she gave me a hug.  I explained it again and added, “but I’ll see you on Monday!” before she, too, headed off to the bus.

As a stream of students headed past me to the buses, I listened to a kindergartener in the pick-up line describe a treasure hunt that he went on with his class.  Then, a fourth grader stopped to ask, “I thought that you were absent today! Where were you?” I almost laughed out loud as I repeated my spiel about being at the other school for testing.  The fourth grader said, “you must be tired if you’ve been testing all day!” I nodded and then said again, “but I’ll see you on Monday!”

Memories #sol18


After a rough day yesterday, reading the kind words in the comments section served as a balm.  Today was no less challenging, but we made it through the day, our eyes a little more swollen and our hearts sore.  Throughout the day we shared memories and remembered Mr. Charles and all that he meant to our school.  We’ve tried to focus on celebrating who Mr. Charles and I think we’ve drawn strength from all of the wonderful memories and stories.

Usually I update my class Facebook page several times throughout the day.  I post pictures of the kids reading and writing and today, when I went to post a picture of my fifth graders, I saw that others had posted their memories of Mr. Charles and sweet pictures snapped over the years.  Since I don’t have a Facebook page of my own, I had to create a regular page instead of just a page that people can “like,” so our class has lots of “friends” (who’ve been carefully vetted).  Our school nurse posted a beautiful reflection that had me searching for tissues.  Our fourth grade teacher shared memories that still have me sniffling.  One of our kindergarten teachers first met Mr. Charles when she was five and her dad was the school’s principal and her memories made me do more than sniffle.  Our music teacher posted pictures of all of Mr. Charles’ amazing creations for our music programs.  He was an amazing artist and he could create the most amazing sets out of leftover cardboard and paint.  These are just some of the memories and stories that will sustain us through the coming days.

Disbelief #sol18


I had an entirely different post ready to go, but circumstances today prevented me from sharing it.  Maybe it’ll be the right post for another day.  This morning the beloved custodian at my school was killed in a car accident on his way to work.  We are all in shock and we are trying to navigate the day as we wrap our minds and hearts around the news.  Mr. Charles was more than the person who kept our school spotless.  He was the heart and soul of this school and had been for more than thirty years.  His artistic creations graced our walls and made our music programs pop.  He knew so much about technology and always had something to share.  He was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known.  He was a treasure and he will never be forgotten.


Six Word Stories #sol18


I didn’t have anything particularly scintillating to write about today.  I started several posts only to toss them after just a few lines.  Today was just one of those days, so I started playing around with some six word stories.

Blank page cursor blinking ideas needed

It’s Tuesday but feels like Monday

Tick tock time’s passing words unwritten

Computer glitches end a relaxing evening

Thankfully tomorrow is a new day


TBAs #sol18


Today’s slice was inspired by Aggie Kesler’s post about TBAs (truths, beauties, and appreciations.  You can check out her slice at here.


  • This snow day is helping me get ahead on several projects.
  • My calendar for the upcoming week looks pretty nice.
  • Sometimes (like today) it’s nice to turn off the television and just relax while listening to my favorite music.
  • Participating in the Slice of Life challenge has made me a better, more consistent writer.  I can’t imagine my writing life without the SOL community.
  • I often get lost in reading other slices.  I love the variety of stories shared by the other slicers!


  • The snow falling outside of my window is beautiful.
  • The sight of a stack of books that are just waiting for me to open their covers is beautiful.
  • The Amazon card that I haven’t redeemed, but will before the evening is over is a beautiful reminder that there are so many books that I haven’t read yet.


  • I appreciate how my new laptop makes everything easier!
  • The glass of tea positioned next to me is something that I always appreciate!
  • The classical channel streaming on the XM satellite radio app always relaxes me.
  • The wonderful projects that the students in my online class submitted-they really put a lot of time and effort into creating their projects and I appreciate the quality of their submissions.  I am going to miss working with these wonderful educators!
  • The cup of InkJoy gel pens beside my computer.  So many pens in so many different colors are ready to record my thoughts and ideas.



My inspiration today comes from Leigh Anne Eck and you can visit her blog here to check out her post.

I am…grading projects completed by the students in my online class.  I am amazed by the quality of their projects and how they were able to synthesize all of the information presented during the course.

I keep…everything! When digging through a filing cabinet, I discovered running records from my first year of teaching.  Those students are twenty-somethings now, so I think that it’s safe to toss the running records now:)

I wish I could…knit and/or crochet.  Several of my friends knit and crochet and I love the projects they’re able to complete.  They also talk about how relaxing it is to knit and crochet, and I know that I could benefit from that!

I love…to watch NASCAR.  Actually, I have the race on while I’m writing this and grading projects.  Chase Elliott is one of my favorite drivers, and he’s doing well at this point in the race.  However, I do pull for other drivers, too.  I think that there are so many drivers who make the sport so enjoyable.  I pulled for Bobby Labonte exclusively when he drove, and I think that I didn’t appreciate some of the things that other drivers accomplished during that time.

I dance…only when forced.  I have two left feet and a serious lack of coordination.

I sing…only if I’m alone or if it’s something for the kids (like the ABC song).

I think…that the time change is really a form of torture.  I hate when the time changes because my internal clock always gets so messed up.  It takes a couple of weeks for me to get settled after a time change.

I really…need to get in the habit of writing my slices earlier.

I need…to catch up on the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I missed Thursday night.

I should…charge my Kindle because school has already been cancelled for tomorrow’s anticipated snow and I plan to spend some time reading in my favorite recliner.

I can…stay up late to read because school was just cancelled for impending snow.

I like…InkJoy gel pens (really I love them, but the prompt had “like” and not “love.”).

I make…sure that I always have something handy to record my ideas.  I might use a physical notebook, my iPhone, my iPad, or my computer.  I’ve even used the voice recorder when driving.

I always…make sure to tell my family members that I love them.