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About Jennifer Floyd, Ed.D.

I am a K-5 Reading Specialist in Virginia. I received my doctorate in reading education from the University of Virginia in 2016. I am passionate about literacy!

Things I Don’t Like, But Wished I Did #sol20

Elisabeth Ellington, who blogs at The Dirigible Plum, inspired my post today. Elisabeth wrote about things that she wished that she loved, but didn’t. I hadn’t really thought about that topic before, but it gave me a lot to think about after reading her post. I recommend checking out Elisabeth’s original post.

  • Exercise-I’ve gotten better about this, but probably only because it helps with my diabetes. If I didn’t have audiobooks and podcasts to listen to, I’d be in trouble!
  • Math-I have had a serious Math phobia since fourth grade. Fractions nearly did me in and there were no interventions or additional support available.
  • Dusting the furniture-I know that I should appreciate the feeling of dustless furniture, but there is just something about dusting that just irritates me. Maybe it’s because five minutes after you dust something, the dust reappears.
  • Being photographed-There are only a few pictures of myself that I am okay with. I always seem to critique how many chins show up in the picture, my outfit, or the goofy expressions on my face. The regular Zoom and Google Meetings have made it really hard on me because I absolutely hate seeing myself on camera.
  • Some forms of social media-The negativity on some platforms saddens me. Platforms that used to be encouraging and positive have now become negative and angry. Some folks seem so determined to be relevant that they say things without considering how their words might affect others.
  • Getting up early-I am more of a night owl. If I have to, I can rise early, but I do like sleeping in!
  • Chit-chat with my hairdresser-My hairdresser is a perfectly lovely lady, but I see her only a few times a year and I have never been good at chit-chatting. I never feel as though I know what to say in these situations, or if I think of something, it’s hours after the appointment.

So, what are the things that you don’t like but wished that you did? I’d love to hear your perspectives!

What’s Your Ideal Reading Room or Quarantine House? #sol20

I’ve noticed a lot of graphics for choosing a Quarantine House or a Reading Room or something similar. They’ve often included things such as places, types of books, clothes, and foods. So, I thought about the kind of Quarantine House or Reading Room that would be perfect for me. I think that my Quarantine House/Reading Room would include the following:

1. Iced tea (with ice that can be crunched-Chick Fil-A ice is the best!)

2. Stretchy pants

3. Notebooks and InkJoy pens

4. Historical fiction novels (I’ve been on a historical fiction kick lately.)

5. Mini Hershey bars

6. My favorite recliner

7. Tortilla chips and salsa

8. Bacon

9. Cell phone (Keeping in contact with those folks not in quarantine with me is still important!)

10. And last, but not least, my family! Gotta have them close by!

So, what would you include in your perfect Quarantine House/Reading Room? Please feel free to share!

Looking forward to tomorrow #sol20

Today has not been the best day. I’ve spent most of the day in bed and am only venturing out to draft my Tuesday slice. I hate not feeling well and days like today aren’t my favorite. There are so many things that I wanted to do and needed to do and I just don’t have time to feel bad. There are books to read, notebooks to fill with writing, miles to walk on the treadmill, and Google Meetings with students. I’m trying not to think about how many emails are probably in my inbox. I haven’t even looked at my phone. Instead, I’ve slept a lot and felt miserable. So, I want to think about positive things and not just about how yucky I’ve felt. Tomorrow will be a brand new day and hopefully the medicine will be in full effect!

Ten Things Tuesday #sol20

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I participated in a Google Meet with the fourth grade class from my school. It was so nice to see their precious faces! I also loved being able to connect with the classroom teacher and enjoyed listening to her read-aloud.

2. I’m going to participate in another Google Meet this evening with the third graders. I can’t wait to see these kids and their teacher, too! Thank goodness for technology!

3. I’m meeting on Google Meet with one of my Title 1 students and I can’t wait to listen to her read! She’s one who has made so much progress and I enjoy her personality so much!

4. Three deer showed up in my boyfriend’s yard. One particularly seemed to enjoy the fresh green leaves on one of the trees. Soon, the fawns will be born, and I can’t wait! That’s one of my favorite things in the spring!

5. Grilled hamburgers with bacon and cheese are the absolute best. M enjoys cooking, especially on the grill, and I enjoy eating everything that he cooks! His baked beans are pretty awesome, too!

6. I’m looking forward to the first VSRA Virtual Seminar on Thursday. Pernille Ripp is one of the presenters and I always enjoy learning from her. This is the first of three virtual seminars and I know that I’m going to be filling notebooks with ideas!

7. I discovered that some of my best writing time occurs during the news. I think that having something else to focus on other than the news helps. While I do try to stay up on the news, some of our local stations have several hours of news, which can be overwhelming, especially when there’s really nothing else to watch. Writing during this time keeps me from getting sucked in.

8. I’m really glad that I stocked up on pens before having to stay at home. At the time, my pen purchases seemed a little over the top, but now I’m realizing that stocking up on InkJoy and Flair pens was a good idea.

9. Along the same lines, my Mom found some of the blank notebooks that I love at Ollie’s (and they were really cheap, too!) and bought me a stack. I love having all of my tools! Some people stockpiled toilet paper, but I stockpiled writing supplies!

10. Normally M and I send each other good morning texts. Since he’s an early riser (and I am definitely not), he usually texts first. However, I was up at 6:30 this morning and was the first to text!

Six word stories #sol20

For today’s slice, I decided to draft some six word stories that reflect my day.

Plagued by sinuses, sore throat, sniffly

Digital lesson planning and missing students

Good books, iced tea, reading time

The treadmill is still, gathering dust

Waiting for library holds with impatience

Family card game ends with victory

Thinking about creativity #sol20

I’m always on the lookout for a good book, especially when it’s something that I think will enhance my practice as a writer. I just stumbled on this book about creativity and although I’m in the early stages of the book, there is so much that I can apply to being a teacher-writer. This book addresses the idea that creativity isn’t the result of a lightning bolt experience where inspiration is assigned an almost magic-like quality. In fact, Garnett recognizes that a lot of assumptions that we make about creativity are actually myths and that in fact, a lot of work goes into developing creative ideas.

This resonated with me because it’s easy to see other writers and assume that there is some kind of special trait or experience or genius that they possess and that can be disheartening when you’re sitting at your computer staring at a blinking cursor or a blank notebook page. It’s easy to assume that our inspiration is lacking. I know that I’ve questioned my own creativity on many projects when I should have instead been focused on my effort. Putting in the work is necessary and that’s a message that I need to remind myself of on a daily basis.

Last year, I participated in a book group that discussed The War of Art by Steven Pressman and a similar message was shared in that text. You basically have to show up and do the work. If I’m going to be a writer, I can’t sit around waiting for something to happen, but I have to make things happen.

Yesterday, Today #sol20

Today, I was inspired by Margaret at Margaret wrote about her experiences yesterday and today and I hope that you’ll check out her slice!

Yesterday, I worked on lessons and materials for my students.

Today, I worked on lessons and materials for my students.

Yesterday, I exercised.

Today, I haven’t been able to coax myself to the equipment in my basement.

Yesterday, I received a rejection for an article that I wrote.

Today, I started to revise the article so that I can try again.

Yesterday, I got into the freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Today, I got into the chocolate chip cookies and they were just as good today as they were yesterday!

Yesterday, I participated in the #TeachWrite chat.

Today, I hope to be able to join the Time To Write workshop at 6 p.m.