Ten Things Tuesday #sol21

Today has been one of those blah days. I haven’t felt well and didn’t want to write. I needed to focus on something positive, so I decided to think about all of the things that are good in a “Ten Things Tuesday” list.

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. There are fresh Preacher Cookies in the refrigerator. I’ve allowed myself a bite here and there because Mom’s Preacher Cookies are amazing!
  2. Even though I didn’t have many parent conferences, the ones I did participate in were all positive. I especially enjoyed the conferences that I shared with our new kindergarten teacher. She did a fantastic job with her first parent conferences!
  3. I started my second course in my Educational Leadership certificate program. I’m learning a lot and now have another lens through which to view my experiences as an educator. I also love all of the writing that I’m able to do in these courses!
  4. We had a fun fall festival for the families at school. It was a beautiful fall afternoon/evening and everyone enjoyed the first event since the beginning of the pandemic. I also appreciated opportunities to brag on my students when I saw their families!
  5. Win or lose, watching the Atlanta Braves in the World Series reminds me of all of the times I watched them play with my Dad.
  6. The third grader that asked me at the beginning of the year “Am I going to learn to read this year?” has now read several texts on her own!
  7. I’m so thankful for the remote starter on my car and the heated seats!
  8. I love the trail camera that Mike has set up in the backyard. The photos captured by this camera always bring a smile to my face! There was one doe with a pile of grass hanging out of her mouth this week that made me chuckle.
  9. While working on lesson plans over the weekend, I enjoyed watching some old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (Season 2). I love those early seasons and hadn’t watched them for a while.
  10. I’m going to celebrate finishing this blog post on a day when it was a struggle.

5 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday #sol21

  1. kristasjots

    I love that you were able to come up with TEN things that have brought you joy! I love this list… and it’s a great reminder that even when things are hard or you are having one of those days, there are (hopefully) good things that surround you as well. Thanks for slicing!

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