Roses in October? #sol21

I glanced out of the window at Mike’s house and a bright splash of color caught my attention. I stopped and took a closer look. There, at the back of the house, were roses blooming…at the end of October! I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I grabbed my phone and headed outside to check it out. I discovered that the two rosebushes were filled with blooms! While many of the blooms were starting to wilt, several were still beautiful.

I snapped several photos because rain and high winds were in the forecast and I doubted that the fragile roses would survive the weather. The roses will live on in my phone’s camera roll and provide a splash of color.

4 thoughts on “Roses in October? #sol21

  1. theapplesinmyorchard

    I don’t really want to like this post. Nature is off schedule and climate change is to blame which means humans are to blame. I wrote about this same topic within the last month. We had lilacs blooming here in Wisconsin and some other spring plants having a second bloom. Odd and sad, all at once -despite the beauty! Thanks for sharing.

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