I’m not on mute?!!! #sol21

I am usually very careful about making sure that I’m muted when I join a Zoom meeting. However, I was listening through the bluetooth using the app on my phone as I drove home from a late in-person meeting at school Before I left school, I hopped on the meeting. I was particularly interested in this meeting, hosted by my chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, because the invited speaker was to present about trauma.

Anyway, I didn’t check to ensure that I’d muted, but was soon engaged by the presenter. I did, however, have to travel over country roads on my way home, so I also had to be hyper aware of deer. There are certain spots along the route that require particular vigilance. As I arrived at one such spot, I saw a group of seven or eight does congregating. Some stayed off in the grass, but two young looking deer decided to stop right in the middle of the road. Not thinking, I started a spirited conversation with the deer, encouraging them and then thanking them, for finally moving out of the road. Then, I saw more deer on the lane going to the house and again had a brief conversation with the deer. Again, no thoughts of mute/unmute as I pulled into the driveway. I sat and listened for a few more moments before heading to the house. I sent a chat comment to another member and then I realized something: I had been unmuted all the way home. I had been unmuted during every word spoken to the deer in the road.

Nobody commented on my lack of mute (at least not yet) and I’m trying to let go of my embarrassment and I’ve reminded myself several times that it could have been much worse. Lesson learned, though: Always check mute!

3 thoughts on “I’m not on mute?!!! #sol21

  1. Maureen Young Ingram

    Oh, I bet you made everyone’s day – talking to the deer! I hope you are chuckling now. I absolutely love this – “I started a spirited conversation with the deer, encouraging them and then thanking them…”

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  2. Amanda Potts

    Oh, this is hilarious. I can just imagine your “spirited conversation with the deer”. I dearly hope that someone has the nerve to tell you what they thought as you chastised these creatures – and then thanked them! I bet everyone loved it. HA!

    Liked by 1 person


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