Thankful For Classical Music #sol21

I’m taking my first Educational Leadership class, which is also the first class that I’ve taken since the spring of 2015. I’m writing my first papers for the class and sweating over every line. I’ve questioned everything about the words that I committed to the pages. I’ve agonized over ideas, many of which are new to me. I’ve researched, taken notes, and researched again. Through it all, I’ve whined a little (okay, probably more than a little). My family has patiently listened to me and encouraged me. They reminded me that I could and would complete these tasks. Mike stopped my drift into an attack of imposter syndrom

The papers are due by class time tomorrow night. I am determined to finish tonight (and before midnight at that). When I feel stressed, classical music is my go-to. As I read what seemed to be the millionth draft, I grabbed my headphones, cranked on Amazon Music, and allowed myself to be swept away by the music. Before long, I could feel myself relax. I felt a burst of energy and now, as of 9:15, I’m only a matter of a closing paragraph away from being finished (I did take a short break to draft this slice). The finish line is in sight and I am so thankful for the music that relaxed me!

2 thoughts on “Thankful For Classical Music #sol21

  1. theapplesinmyorchard

    Best wishes on your coursework. I loved the courses I took for educational leadership. It is stressful to be an intelligent adult student however- I know overthinking is easy and did a lot of it myself. Glad you have a go to such as classical music to relax you.

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  2. sallydonnelly11

    You describe that “imposter feeling” so well. Then once the music played, your writing shifted and became more confident. As I read, I felt like I was on the roller coaster ride with you. So glad your story had a happy ending. So excited for you as you start this next educational chapter. You go, girl!! You got this!!!

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