It finally happened…teaching a former student’s child! #sol21

It finally happened. I’m now teaching the child of a former student. While I knew that was going to happen, especially now as many years as I’ve been teaching, it’s still a jolt to realize that this sweet little kindergartener’s mom was once in this very classroom as a student!

Where has the time gone? It really hasn’t been that many years since this child’s mom was in my class, has it? But once I started thinking about it, K’s mom was in one of my earlier groups of kids and came to me later in elementary school. She’s well into her twenties now! No way!

Other teacher friends have laughed about teaching the children (and even grandchildren!) of former students and I listened, but that seemed so far away for me. Time has caught up with me now, though, and I can tell my own stories! Welcome to the club!

2 thoughts on “It finally happened…teaching a former student’s child! #sol21

  1. Darin Johnston

    Welcome to the club, indeed! This happened to me a few years back and this year I have three different students who “you had my mom/dad in class”! My one positive, I won’t be here long enough to have grandkids as a couple of my co-workers have done. Longevity is both a blessing and a curse for sure! 🙂

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