The kids keep me on my toes! #sol21

I picked up my group of three first grade boys this afternoon. They’re an energetic little group with fun personalities. I worked with all three in kindergarten and often had to muffle a chuckle or hide a grin behind my hand at some of our conversations. Today was no different.

K, who is an incredibly observant child, stopped what he was doing to ask me, “Why do you wear the same thing every day?” He’s right—my wardrobe really doesn’t deviate because it’s a lot easier when getting dressed in the morning if there are not so many options. I didn’t realize that my kids, especially a first grader, noticed my wardrobe!

Then, a second grader reminded me yet again about how much sanitizer was just enough. I apparently have a habit of squirting too much sanitizer and she wanted to demonstrate the appropriate amount. She was very sweet with her reminder and I do tend to go overboard with the sanitizer:)

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