Focusing on the wins #sol21

I’ve spent a lot of time ranting while writing and that negativity has not been good for me. While it’s been great to get some things off my chest, it seems as though everything has been a rant. After reading fellow teacher-writer Elisa Waingort’s post (you can read her post here), I decided to focus on the wins instead of the losses. This has helped me focus more on what’s positive instead of being mired down in negativity.


  1. A second grader spontaneously used a strategy to figure out how to spell a word.
  2. I’ve written every day.
  3. One of my kindergarten students started to participate during lessons and activities.
  4. I cleaned the living room carpet and it looks good!
  5. I’m ahead on lesson planning.
  6. I didn’t eat all of the chocolate pie.

My list started out small, but it’s growing steadily. Like Elisa, when times are tough, I can review my list and let those wins, whether small or large, lift my spirits.

5 thoughts on “Focusing on the wins #sol21

  1. jumpofffindwings

    Finding the positives are so rewarding. As soon as you can get that first “win,” there are usually ones to follow—sometimes LOTS of them! (I’m jealous that you’re ahead on lesson planning.)


    1. jumpofffindwings

      OOPS, a mistake I hate…finding positives IS so rewarding! Can you tell I’m an English teacher? I should abide by my own first rule: proofread. Now there’s a “win.” I corrected my mistake.


  2. Donnetta Norris

    Love this. I wrote a blog post about how writing and our writing challenges helped me mentally make it through the end of 2020. Focusing on the wins is a great strategy for changing one’s mindset.



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