Five Sentences About The Day #sol21

I participate in the Teach Write Time to Write workshops and a recent challenge involves writing life stories in just five sentences. I decided that I’d like to write a five sentence story about my day as a way to reflect on the day and to prepare to write my five sentence life story.

It was a sunny and warm Tuesday, but felt like another Monday after yesterday’s snow day.

My Diet Dr. Pepper slipped out of my hand and bounced off the tiled floor beside my desk this morning, but was ultimately unharmed to my relief!

One of my students, who rarely participates in our small group lessons, has been more actively engaged during the last week and now adds his voice to the group, which has put a smile on my face!

I realized that I’d left my purse at school and had to jump back in my car at 5:30 to head back to school to retrieve it, which led to a relaxing and calming drive with the radio playing.

I sat in front of the computer, typing and deleting, typing and deleting, and ultimately creating a slice!

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