He’s baaaack! #sol21

I’ve written about Olie the possum, who hangs out at my significant other’s house. M lives in the country and there have been raccoon, possums, deer, and even a bear in his yard during the time we’ve been together. I even named many of the critters hanging out in the backyard, from Olie the possum and Roscoe the raccoon to Bob the bear.

Olie became a frequent visitor and I’ve written about those visits before. Most recently, he came sniffing at the back sliding glass door one evening during dinner. One night, he was in the front yard under a tree with a friend when we pulled up into the driveway. One scampered away and one shot up the tree. Then, recently, M noticed a dead possum just up the lane and I figured that it was Olie and I mourned the loss of potential possum stories. I’ve found a lot to write about when it comes to this possum!

However, the other night, at dinnertime, I glanced over at the sliding glass door and there he was (I guess it was Olie-maybe we have a new possum) with his nose pressed against the glass. However, before I could grab my phone to take a picture, he’d waddled off the deck. That’s okay, though. I’m sure the next time we’re having steak and baked potatoes, he’ll be back, sniffing at the door!

I’ll admit that I was excited to see “our” possum at the back door again. I can’t wait to see what he does next and how I can turn his “adventures” into additional stories.

1 thought on “He’s baaaack! #sol21

  1. britt

    I love this and the adventure that Olie brings! I am definitely mortified that you’ve had an opportunity to name a bear, though – YIKES! 🙂



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