The Kids Baking Championship #sol21

I am addicted to the Kids Baking Championship. Yesterday, I caught a bunch of older episodes while working at home. Then, I watched two episodes last night. Last night’s episodes were from the current season. While I love watching these kids create amazing desserts, I also enjoy the camaraderie between the kids and the interactions between the kids and the two judges. Duff Goldman has always been a favorite and I love how both he and Valerie Bertinelli relate to the kids.

The hardest part is watching a child’s elimination at the end of each episode. I’m in awe of what these kids can do, especially since I couldn’t do most, if not all of the tasks they’re asked to complete. It’s so sweet when the other kids circle around the eliminated contestant to comfort and encourage them. The same holds true when one contestant is struggling to complete a task or needs an extra set of hands. Often, one child will offer to help a competitor or even just provide words of encouragement.

I think I’m drawn to this particular show because it’s not your typical cut-throat reality programming that pits people against each other, but recognizes and celebrates what competitors can achieve. It also provides some time for me to step away from busy schedules, worry, and all of the other things that clutter up my brain. Watching the Kids Baking Championship allows me to relax and get my mind off of everything, even if for just a little while. Plus, I can salivate over some incredible looking desserts!

3 thoughts on “The Kids Baking Championship #sol21

  1. Stacey Shubitz

    The kids and I watch that show together. We love it!
    I, too, find it difficult to watch the kids go home. Sometimes it’s such a tiny thing that sends them home (Well, towards the end of the season.) that it just hurts my heart.


  2. Darin Johnston

    > It’s so sweet when the other kids circle around the eliminated contestant to comfort and encourage them.<

    What? They aren't shown the door with the rest of contestants waving or sarcastically blowing them kisses?? Where's the drama in that??

    I kid of course because I think what you've described is exactly what our students need to see! Real life cooking (or kind of, I'm not sure what they are making) and empathy shown to each other.

    I'll need to see if this is streaming somewhere that I can watch an episode or two! Thank you for sharing! 🙂



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