Synonyms for Grumpy #sol21

Grouchy. Fussy. Cranky. Irritated. Irritable. Crabby. Everything that I tried to write for today’s slice reflected one of those words, or a synonym for one of those words. I like to keep my posts upbeat, but today, I found myself deleting much of what I’d written.

So, what can I do to get myself out of this state of mind? I don’t like describing myself with any of the words at the beginning of this piece. I’m not even sure why I’m grumpy. Maybe it’s because I woke up with a headache. Maybe it’s because I’m cold. Maybe it’s because I’ve gained a few pounds and am irritated with myself. Maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep well. No matter the cause, I need to snap out of this.

First, I’m going to have a nice cup of tea. And I don’t care what the scale said, but I’m having some chocolate. I’m not going to go overboard or anything, but chocolate makes me happy. I’m going to curl up (somewhere warm) with a book and just read. I’m going to immerse myself in something fictional-I just need to see what’s on both my physical and virtual bookshelves. I’m going to give myself time to relax and unplug. Hopefully, I’ll start describing myself with words like “content” and “cheerful” instead of “grouchy” and “fussy.”

4 thoughts on “Synonyms for Grumpy #sol21

  1. Amy Ellerman

    Self-awareness is the first step, right? I hope you were able to turn your day around with this prescription of books and chocolate–that seems like it should do the trick! Thanks for writing and sharing on a tough day.


  2. mgminer

    Let me know what book you choose! I’m always open for recommendations. I’m glad you are intentionally choosing to unplug and de-stress. I hope you find warmth and comfort. It was a cold, gray day up here today, too. (I also have a headache.) Here’s to feeling better!



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