25 Things #sol21

I saw this on the #100daysofnotebooking and BEYOND page and decided to reflect on twenty-five things that are helping me during this time. Angela Stockman posted her list on this page and it inspired me.

Twenty-five things that are helping me (in no particular order of importance):

1. My family

2. Mini cheesecake

3. Iced tea

4. The Kids Baking Championship

5. The Time To Write Group

6. UVa Men’s Basketball team

7. Cute deer pictures on the trail camera

8. Funny videos that M sends me

9. Digital puzzles

10. Takeout Chinese food

11. Jess Keating’s awesome Epic Emails

12. My favorite chair

13. North Woods Law

14. The new AirFryer

15. Naps

16. Listening to music

17. Rides on country roads

18. Amazon gift cards

19. InkJoy gel pens

20. Flair pens

21. G-2 gel pens (multicolored)

22. Blank notebooks

23. Good morning texts from M.

24. Playing cards with my grandmother

25. Mom’s homemade cookies

4 thoughts on “25 Things #sol21

  1. theapplesinmyorchard

    Love your list. We recently got an air fryer too and like it a lot. Other things on your list that have helped me during this time are my writing, family, my walking friend, cooking shows, and sewing. I hope you continue to receive respite from the things on your list. Thanks for sharing!



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