Comparing days #sol20


Since schools are closed, I’ve been thinking about my current schedule and activities and how they compare with what I usually do.  I think that I’m going to invite my students to do the same.

What I’ve Been Doing Today                                                         What I Usually Do

Sleeping in                                                                                            Getting up early

Stopping by McDonald’s                                                                     Eating breakfast at home

Cleaning files off of my computer                                                    Teaching amazing kids

Collecting resources for students                                                     Collecting resources for

to use at home                                                                                      lessons at school

Reading books                                                                                      Listen to students read

Working on a VSRA project                                                               Working on lesson plans

Watching television                                                                            Watching readers and

writers at work





4 thoughts on “Comparing days #sol20

  1. JudyK /J Koval

    I like this comparison. The changes happening in our lives are really making us stop and think, aren’t they? Together, but apart, we’ll all make it through! 🙂 ~JudyK


  2. theapplesinmyorchard

    This is a great comparison piece of writing that would be interesting for students to produce as well, just like you said. I also saw a post on social media asking students to write down their feelings so they can be shared in the future – My son is a senior in high school. His spring will look very different than he thought. Although he seems to be accepting this without much drama or unhappiness, I think it might benefit him to write some of what he thinks and feels down on paper. We are living as unprecedented history is being made – surely, it will be referenced in the future.


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