No, I really didn’t need those Flair pens #sol20

I love pens. I love all kinds of pens-InkJoy, G2, Flair…you name any kind of pen and I probably have it in my office at home, my classroom, my purse, or my teacher bag. I never have enough pens!

So, when I discovered a 20-pack of Flair pens at the Sam’s Club on Saturday, I couldn’t resist them. The rainbow of colors was so enticing and I immediately started to imagine using them in my notebook. Then, I noticed the price. They were just over $11, so that sealed the deal because that seemed like a pretty good price. The pack of pens went right into that shopping cart. No, I didn’t really need the pens. Yes, I have pens everywhere. But now I have even more stockpiled and I’m always going to be ready to write!

7 thoughts on “No, I really didn’t need those Flair pens #sol20

  1. Jill Bless

    I, too, love pens! I think it’s a writer thing. But also, I love pencils, especially Pentel mechanical 0.7. Oh, the joy we get from the little things!


  2. mgminer

    New pens are magical. I also believe you cannot have enough new notebooks. My daughter suggested that I work at Paper Source when I retire. All the paper and pens and cards and and and.



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