Were you born when there were cavemen? #sol19


I love the funny things that kids say and I constantly find myself grabbing paper to jot down their comments and questions throughout the day.  Today was no different.  A second grader asked, “What is a caveman?” I explained what the word meant and he looked up at me and asked, “Were you born then?” Now, I’ve noticed a few crow’s feet beside my eyes and when I put my hair up into a ponytail, there are more and more silver strands showing, but I didn’t think that I looked that old.  Trying not to laugh, I answered that no, I wasn’t born during the time of the caveman.  Then, the student asked when I was born and my age.  I answered honestly, and thankfully, he didn’t comment about how old that was, but was ready to continue our lesson.

5 thoughts on “Were you born when there were cavemen? #sol19

  1. theapplesinmyorchard

    I read this earlier today while I was at the YMCA (for the first time in a long time). I also love the things students say and/or write. I often think someone should write a book about this. Once, in the garden club I ran for elementary students I had a student write that he wanted to learn about succulents but spelled it: suck – u – lints. Hysterical! I saved that piece of writing because it always makes me laugh.


  2. mbhmaine

    So funny! This reminds me of the time my students insisted that we add grey to the hair color chart for our classroom. “What!?” I asked, “Can’t we just say my hair is brown. It’s mostly brown.” They looked at me doubtfully and insisted that we needed to add grey. Sigh… lol


  3. Tracy Vogelgesang

    My students used to slip and sometimes call me “mom.” I remember distinctly the day that a student slipped and called me “grandma.” Needless to say, I stepped up the daily moisturizing routine from that day forward, lol!



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