Reviewing My Day #sol19



I hadn’t written a “Before that” post in a long time and I since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about, I though that this would be perfect for today’s slice.

I am sitting at my desk, enjoying a few moments before my next group arrives.

Before that, I ate lunch and had a phone conversation with one of my colleagues from the Virginia State Reading Association.  The cafeteria served macaroni and cheese today and I’ve had that date circled on my calendar for weeks:) It was delicious!

Before that, I worked with a group of kindergarten students.  As I watched them this morning, I reminded myself of just how far they’ve come in a few short weeks.

Before that, my first graders read a new book and I observed a lot of improvement in their ability to attack words.  They did a really nice job today!

Before that, I saw a third grade group.  This group of girls always puts a smile on my face.  They were excited to finish reading Amelia Bedelia, Bookworm!

Before that, I worked with two autistic students.  It’s been amazing to watch their progress and to see all of the things that they can now do as readers and writers!

Before that, a fourth grader helped me start my school day.  He always comes in ready to work, even though it’s barely 8:00 in the morning.

Before that, I ate a quick breakfast at my desk while I checked email and prepared for the day.

Before that, I drove to school and listened to “The Morning Drive.” This is one of my favorite shows on NASCAR Channel 90.  The banter between the hosts always makes me laugh.

Before that, I stopped at Hardee’s for breakfast.  Normally, I go to McDonald’s, but the line was long and our McDonald’s isn’t the fastest place around.  Luckily, Hardee’s and McDonald’s are side-by-side, so I just had to dart around the traffic and slide into the Hardee’s drive-thru.

Before that, I talked to my special someone on the phone.  Hearing his voice on these morning calls always gets my day off to a wonderful start!

Before that, I gathered up all of my things for school and headed out the door.

Before that, I showered, got dressed, and made sure that I had everything that I needed for the day.

Before that, I woke up and slowly started moving.  It seemed as though I had just shut my eyes only minutes before the alarm sounded!

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