Wahoo Teacher At A Wahoo Basketball Game #sol19


I attended my first UVa men’s basketball game on Sunday.  My significant other is a huge UVa fan and it’s been a longtime dream of his to attend one of the games.  I’m also a fan, so when I was able to obtain tickets to the game, I jumped on the opportunity.

All decked out in our UVa gear, we headed to Charlottesville for the 6 p.m. game.  We lined up for the metal detectors before scanning our tickets inside.  I’d been inside of John Paul Jones arena only once before (the Curry School of Education holds its diploma ceremony there during graduation) and while I’ve watched many basketball games on t.v., I found myself in awe.

I was worried about our seats, hoping that we’d be able to see the action on court.  However, once we settled in our seats, I breathed a sigh of relief.  Even though we were in what I assumed were the “nosebleed” seats, we didn’t have anything to worry about.  We had a pretty good view of the action (and I could see Tony Bennett just fine!).

The atmosphere in JPJ was incredible and I had to pinch myself a few times to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming.  Watching guys like Mamadi Diakite and Kihei Clark was magical.  I also enjoyed getting to see some of the new players like Justin McKoy and Casey Morsell.  However, I think that the best part was sharing the experience with M.  I loved watching his reactions and the expressions on his face! I loved the time we spent on the return trip discussing the game.  It was definitely an experience to remember!

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