Sharing some book love with students #sol15


I love to buy books and I can’t pass a bookstore (or a booth at a conference) without making at least one purchase, although usually it’s more than one!

During the VSRA Conference, I visited the Bookworm Central booth on two different occasions.  I picked up a variety of books from chapter books and graphic novels to early readers and picture books.  As I browsed the booth, I picked out books with specific students in mind.  For example, one of my fifth grade boys is hooked on the Lunch Lady series, so I picked up one for him.  I also selected Leroy Ninker Saddles Up for a student who loved Kate DiCamillo’s Mercy Watson series. While this gets expensive in terms of money, the payback that I receive when a child waits after class to request one of my new purchases or when a child says, “I’m going to read Comics Squad first, then I want to try the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

I want my students to have a lot of options, which requires me to keep a classroom library that can meet those needs.  It’s also essential that my classroom library grow and evolve over time.  While there are many “classic” books that I love to share with students, there are also so many new books published each year that students also need to access.  I cannot imagine not adding a book like El Deafo or Sam and Dave Dig a Hole to my library.  So, while this can sometimes be an expensive undertaking, when I see my students enjoying these books, it’s all worth it!


7 thoughts on “Sharing some book love with students #sol15

  1. Lisa

    I love that feeling too! And I manage to buy many of my books used. I bought a few at the library today for 25 cents each! SCORE! Of course, I also paid full price for 4 others this week. 🙂 I consider it an investment.


  2. Michele

    I so agree with you! It seems like I spend more and more money on books but to have that moment knowing you put the right book in the right hands at the right moment… it’s what we work for!



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