After reading Leigh Anne’s post at, I decided to try this format.  I anticipate future blog posts evolving from this post.

Today…Getting back in my regular routine after several days at a conference.

Want to be: Finished with my Stats midterm.

Blessings: My family.  They give me encouragement and strength and love.  They support me in everything that I do!

Thinking: About the Stats midterm that is not yet finished, but is due on Wednesday.

Planning: What I will do to celebrate when I finish the Stats midterm.  I think I’ll buy a book to celebrate and curl up in my favorite recliner for some quality reading time!

Writing: Blog posts for my students to read on our Kidblog site, an analysis for my Stats midterm, my slices

Loving: The snow is gone, the sun is shining, and the temperature is currently in the upper 60s.

Grateful: For the opportunity to attend conferences and workshops that extend my learning.

and today (again): It’s a beautiful Monday afternoon!


3 thoughts on “Today-#sol15

  1. elsie

    You will be relieved when the Stats midterm is over. It seems to be weighing on your mind. After several days of a great conference, it is hard to transition back into life.



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