Before that…#sol21

I am sitting in a cool, air conditioned room, relaxing and thinking about the pie in the refrigerator. I need to stop thinking about the pie in the refrigerator.

Before that, I worked on a presentation about family literacy.

Before that, I ate supper. Mike and I had both had long, busy days, so we stopped for fast food on the way to his house.

Before that, I spent some time with my Mom and my grandmother after I got home from school.

Before that, I attended a zoom meeting to work on plans for the 2022 VSLA conference.

Before that, I attended meetings to review IEP information for students in each grade.

Before that, I ate a quick lunch. I really need to stock up my snack drawer because there’s not much in there!

Before that, I worked on some paperwork and made some progress!

Before that, I worked on unloading the last couple of totes. My classroom is starting to take shape!

Before that, I reviewed my to-do list and was excited to see a bunch of checks!

Before that, I arrived at school. It’s a beautiful, sunny day!

Before that I ate breakfast and headed to school, ready to start Day 2!

3 thoughts on “Before that…#sol21

  1. Erica J

    I love this format — I’ll have to remember it as a prompt for the future. I love how this took me through your day and because of the repeated lines it really did feel like a series of flashbacks. I hope your second day went well!



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