My New Revolving Bookshelf #sol21

My significant other is a contractor and can build anything. I’m constantly amazed at what he can do. Recently, for example, he created a beautiful piece of trim for a door and the final product was breathtaking.

Recently, I saw a post by Jarrett Lerner on Twitter where he showed a revolving bookshelf that his wife gave him. I practically drooled at the image, dreaming about all of the books that I could store in such a bookshelf. I happened to show the picture to Mike. He studied the picture for a moment and then told me that he could make one for me. He created the shelf below in a matter of a few hours after only looking at the picture in Jarrett’s tweet.

The shelf is a little over four feet tall and has sixteen compartments and can spin. I can’t wait to deliver it to my classroom and fill it with books. I’m especially excited about being able to store my bigger picture books here. However, I’m particularly proud of Mike’s work and the love that went into this piece. Every time that I look at or use this bookshelf, I’ll be reminded of that love.

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