Bucky and the Triplets #sol21

Going on long drives in the country is one of my favorite ways to relax. I love to cruise over country roads, especially once the deer start showing up more (usually near dusk). I love to snap photos of deer, although I’ll stop to check out any wildlife! Now, it’s particularly enjoyable to catch glimpses of the fawns. I saw my first set of triplets on Sunday and had to stop for a quick photo.

Then, there’s Bucky, a sweet young deer who we first saw in the field across from Mike’s house. We’ve seen him several times, which is why we named him (we were so original with his name!), but this is the best photo that I’ve been able to capture.

I relax so much on these rides and make sure that I hit the road several times a week. Some evenings, we’ve counted as many as forty deer on our regular route. The wind blowing through my hair, the radio playing, lots of wildlife, and Mike sitting beside me makes for a wonderful evening!

5 thoughts on “Bucky and the Triplets #sol21

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Love your pictures and musings! Seeing a theme of nature today with SOL….so good for us all too connect to it!


  2. onathought

    Yes! I love the same – driving down country roads, taking in the beauty all around .. and always hoping for some wildlife! So far on our road trip we have seen deer, antelope (we think!) and foxes! We were hoping for a bear today, but alas… it was not our lucky day! Love this slice of the peace found on the road!



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