Cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway #sol21

One of my favorite things to do to relax is to go on long drives on country roads. Yesterday, Mike and I gassed up the car and ventured out onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. We cruised along the parkway, stopping at the overlooks and snapping photos, listening to the radio, and just enjoying being together on a beautiful day. I was surprised that there weren’t more folks on the Parkway. There were long stretches where we were the only ones there.

I’ve only been on the parkway a few times, even though there are entry points close by. I think that the last time I ventured onto the parkway may have been about twenty years ago. I won’t wait that long again!

3 thoughts on “Cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway #sol21

  1. Stacey Shubitz

    Those views are gorgeous!
    I was supposed to be down there this summer, but we postponed our trip to VA and NC due to ongoing COVID concerns (for our kids who are too young to be vaccinated). We’ve already rescheduled for next year, but seeing photos makes me excited about NEXT summer!



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