The last workday #sol21

Every year, I am one of the last people to leave the building after school ends. Most of the time, I seem to move like a sloth when packing up my classroom. However, this year, it’s the last workday and I’m basically finished. Paperwork is complete, cumulative files updated, and I’m waiting for my turn to check out. I’m glad that I have some time to sit here and just reflect. Yes, this year has been challenging for so many reasons, but there are also so many things to celebrate. I watched students make progress in spite of the situations created by COVID. I watched my coworkers persevere and show up every day, no matter what. It was an exhausting year full of obstacles, but we made it.

Now, I’m thinking about the books that I want to read and the writing that I want to do. I’m thinking about spending lots of quality time with my family. I’m thinking about long drives on country roads and spotting the first fawns of the season. I’m thinking about sitting on the deck with iced tea and turning off my phone. Relaxation. Rejuvenation. Those are the words for the summer.

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