The Transfer Portal #sol21

I am a huge fan of the UVa men’s basketball team. I love following the team and that’s one thing the M, my boyfriend, and I share. M is not just a UVa fan, but a fan of college basketball. At first, my viewing of games only involved the Cavaliers, but now I’m hooked on watching any ACC team play. If UVa is not playing, I’ll watch most of the other ACC teams (there are two that I really don’t like, but I won’t name names!). As a result, I’ve gotten familiar with many non-UVa players.

This year in college basketball, the transfer portal and the numbers of players involved has been newsworthy. UVa had three players enter the portal and all three are moving to other schools. While I will miss them, I was tuned into the conversations about the players who had expressed interest in playing in Charlottesville. I started following the conversations about the transfer portal on social media and regularly checked for any announcements as well as information about those players. I’ve been studying the process intently!

We’ve picked up two new players, one from Indiana, Armaan Franklin, and one, Jayden Gardner, from East Carolina. I’ve been intently reading up on their stats and getting to know the guys who will be joining the team. Now, I’m hoping to actually be able to go see my team in action when the next season starts! I’ve missed being in the crowd at John Paul Jones arena!

2 thoughts on “The Transfer Portal #sol21

  1. Darin Johnston

    The transfer portal, for this year, has been absolutely nuts! Here at Iowa, we’ve lost our All-World center to graduation, and his replacement to the transfer portal (Xavier) because he wanted to be closer to his family. So, hopefully, we’ll pick up another big man IN the portal or we many be running several undersized lineups!

    However, it’s awesome we can talk about this odd topic! 🙂

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