Do you have a Sharpie? #sol21

M was working on a project and needed a black Sharpie to label the different boards so they could be reassembled correctly. He asked me, “Do you have a Sharpie?”

Do I have a Sharpie? Of course! I have Sharpies, InkJoys, multiple Pentel EnerGels, G-7s, and Flair pens, just to name a few of the different kinds of pens. I have just about any color, too. I’ve actually taken over the pencil cup on the desk at M’s house in addition to the bag of pens that I regularly carry in my purse. I also have multiple cups of pens on the desk at my house and on my desk at school. You need a writing utensil? I’ve got it! And, if I don’t have it, it’s not a writing utensil that you’ll want to use! I take my pens seriously!

6 thoughts on “Do you have a Sharpie? #sol21

  1. Karen

    Ohhhhhh, all the pens! I understand. At last count, I had seven pencil cases on my desk. But — like you — I have the right writing instrument for every occasion!


  2. Erica J

    I really enjoyed this writing and obviously I can relate to having ALL THE PENS. In fact, I made fun of my friend once who also professes to loving pens but one day I asked her for one and she DIDN’T HAVE ONE!



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