A new writing tool #sol20


Jen Laffin (from Teach Write) introduced me into a new writing tool that I’m really excited about.  The new tool is called Writer: the internet typewriter (Writer, The Internet Typewriter) and I’ve spent the past couple of days playing around with it.  I’ve found this tool to be particularly attractive because it provides an environment where distractions are reduced.  Sometimes, even when writing in Google Docs, it’s easy to be distracted.  I also love the typewriter sounds that can be turned on when writing.  There’s just something magical about the click-clacking of a typewriter and it took me back to my tenth birthday when my parents gifted me with an electric typewriter.  I loved the sound of the keys and that’s one thing that I miss when typing on my laptop.  There was just something so powerful and magical about each keystroke on the typewriter.  Those clicks were encouraging because with each tap of the keys, letters formed words that represented and validated my ideas.

I wrote for about thirty minutes straight and felt like the words were flowing.  I actually had to pull myself away from the computer because it was almost midnight and I had to get up early the next day! Every time since, I’ve had to peel myself away from the keyboard.  I love new writing tools like this, but I always have to be careful to evaluate whether or not they’re benefitting me.  However, as I’ve worked with Writer, it seems to be more than just a flash-in-the-pan tool, but something that can really help build my productivity.  I’m so glad that Jen shared this tool with me and I can’t wait to write more!

3 thoughts on “A new writing tool #sol20

  1. jhiggins75

    Jen was just talking about this is teachwrite tonight. It looks like you read the newsletter, though so you already knew about it. I need to check it out. It sounds fun!


  2. Juliette Awua-Kyerematen

    Thanks for sharing the tool. I am yet to read Jen’s newsletter. I am particularly enticed by this sentence-“Those clicks were encouraging because with each tap of the keys, letters formed words that represented and validated my ideas. “



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