Dear Internet #sol20


Dear Internet,

I’m going to get to the point quickly.  Why are you so slow? Why are you making everything so difficult for me? You were great during my first Zoom meeting today, but during my second one, you really let me down.  Things kept freezing and I really needed to be able to chat with the other folks in the meeting.  Do you know how hard it is to try to express yourself clearly and quickly in the chat in order to keep up with the conversation? It’s not fun!

And don’t get me started on trying to upload my lessons for the class I’m taking.  Do you know how many hours I waited for things to be uploaded? Do you know how tired I got while watching the painfully slow uploads? I could have already had everything uploaded, but you just are not cooperating.  I have one more week of this class, so you still have an opportunity to redeem yourself.

I know that you’ve been working hard, especially these past few months, and that there are a lot of people using you.  But are you really that busy 24-7? Isn’t there some time when I don’t have to wait?

So, later tonight, when I’m uploading my next lesson’s materials or connecting on a Zoom meeting, please be kind and work quickly.  I would really appreciate your help and support!



1 thought on “Dear Internet #sol20

  1. jhiggins75

    I hear you! My computer has been flashing warnings like, “This meeting is unstable because of high cpu usage” I don’t even know what that means! I like how you structured your post as a letter to the internet. It gives you an opportunity to rant/ call it out!



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