What’s Your Ideal Reading Room or Quarantine House? #sol20

I’ve noticed a lot of graphics for choosing a Quarantine House or a Reading Room or something similar. They’ve often included things such as places, types of books, clothes, and foods. So, I thought about the kind of Quarantine House or Reading Room that would be perfect for me. I think that my Quarantine House/Reading Room would include the following:

1. Iced tea (with ice that can be crunched-Chick Fil-A ice is the best!)

2. Stretchy pants

3. Notebooks and InkJoy pens

4. Historical fiction novels (I’ve been on a historical fiction kick lately.)

5. Mini Hershey bars

6. My favorite recliner

7. Tortilla chips and salsa

8. Bacon

9. Cell phone (Keeping in contact with those folks not in quarantine with me is still important!)

10. And last, but not least, my family! Gotta have them close by!

So, what would you include in your perfect Quarantine House/Reading Room? Please feel free to share!

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Ideal Reading Room or Quarantine House? #sol20

  1. cvarsalona

    You seem to be quite comfy and cozy in your imagined Quarantine House reading room. I am planning a new study and I want it to be my dream room with large windows that look out to a quiet scene with lovely trees. Of course my books will be there, my computer for writing, a comfy chair, and quiet. I enjoyed your list of what will fill your room. Happy dreaming!


  2. Elisa Waingort

    I would include some Kettle potato chips – the plain kind. I would have my notebooks, legal pads, and fancy pen. I would have all of my books, both borrowed and bought. I would have a comfy chair and a blanket for when it gets cold.


  3. Jo Putnam

    My ideal room would look like Christmas. I’d have white dim lights lights that normally go on the tree hanging on all four walls with candles and floor lamps throughout the room. I’d have soft jazz in the background while working. I’d rather have hardwood floors and a library filled with literary and philosophy books than math books. And, I’d rather live by a lake than in the city. Although, sometimes it’s great to just step off the curb and catch a cab. I’d like an apple computer attached to a great printer that could survive more than 3 years of work. And, an endless supply of tech ready representatives to help me when my software crashes. Most of all, I’d like my favorite pup to be at my side to remind me of unconditional love.



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