Things I Don’t Like, But Wished I Did #sol20

Elisabeth Ellington, who blogs at The Dirigible Plum, inspired my post today. Elisabeth wrote about things that she wished that she loved, but didn’t. I hadn’t really thought about that topic before, but it gave me a lot to think about after reading her post. I recommend checking out Elisabeth’s original post.

  • Exercise-I’ve gotten better about this, but probably only because it helps with my diabetes. If I didn’t have audiobooks and podcasts to listen to, I’d be in trouble!
  • Math-I have had a serious Math phobia since fourth grade. Fractions nearly did me in and there were no interventions or additional support available.
  • Dusting the furniture-I know that I should appreciate the feeling of dustless furniture, but there is just something about dusting that just irritates me. Maybe it’s because five minutes after you dust something, the dust reappears.
  • Being photographed-There are only a few pictures of myself that I am okay with. I always seem to critique how many chins show up in the picture, my outfit, or the goofy expressions on my face. The regular Zoom and Google Meetings have made it really hard on me because I absolutely hate seeing myself on camera.
  • Some forms of social media-The negativity on some platforms saddens me. Platforms that used to be encouraging and positive have now become negative and angry. Some folks seem so determined to be relevant that they say things without considering how their words might affect others.
  • Getting up early-I am more of a night owl. If I have to, I can rise early, but I do like sleeping in!
  • Chit-chat with my hairdresser-My hairdresser is a perfectly lovely lady, but I see her only a few times a year and I have never been good at chit-chatting. I never feel as though I know what to say in these situations, or if I think of something, it’s hours after the appointment.

So, what are the things that you don’t like but wished that you did? I’d love to hear your perspectives!

4 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Like, But Wished I Did #sol20

  1. Denise Krebs

    Hi Jennifer, I read Elisabeth’s post last week and thought I would give it a try. Now I am writing yours down. Perhaps next week I’ll do this post. However, right off the bat your first one is something I can totally agree with. I wish I loved exercise, but I don’t! This is a nice way to get to know people. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Terje

    I saw the list last week and made a mental note to try it. Still just a thought. You took action. I consider it an acceptance list of being who we are. Getting up early would make my list also.


  3. Tim Gels

    This is a great idea for writing, and I’m going to have to go check out Elisabeth’s as well. There are a lot of things I wish I liked, and you’ve hit on a few of them. I wish I liked washing our cars. They’re always dirty and I just get no joy out of cleaning them. Then again, I’m quick to be embarrassed by them!



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