Currently #sol19


Today has been one of those busy days where a few extra hours would have been helpful.  As a result, I’m relying on the tried-and-true “Currently” format this evening.

Currently, I am…

listening to… the sound of popping corn…snack time is almost here!

drinking…a glass of icy cold water (and trying not to crunch the ice).

thinking about…beginning of the year assessments and the needs of my new students.

reading…Front Desk by Kelly Yang.

missing…connecting with my Teach Write Time to Write workshop friends.

waiting…for the phone to ring so I can talk to a special friend.

wearing…my favorite school shirt.

sitting in… my favorite recliner.

thankful for…a great beginning to my twenty-first year as a teacher!




4 thoughts on “Currently #sol19

  1. Ramona

    Congrats on a wonderful beginning of your 21st year, some time to sit in the recliner, and your almost-ready popcorn snack! We read Front Desk last year in our Mock Newbery club.


  2. cmargocs

    This is a meditative post, focusing on the details of the moment. It gave me permission to pause and breathe this morning; thanks!



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