10 Intentions For Tuesday #sol19


Tammy Breitweiser’s slice inspired me today.  I was struggling to get the words onto paper for today’s slice, but after reading Tammy’s post (click here), I was inspired and the words began to flow almost effortlessly.  Tammy’s “10 on Tuesday” focused on what she intended to do and prompted me to think about my own intentions.  I actually had a difficult time stopping once I got started.

I intend to not just tell my family how much I love them, but also to show them my love and appreciation.

I intend to have a positive attitude, no matter the situation.  Negativity breeds quickly and I don’t want to fall into that pit.

I intend to make time to read and write.  At the beginning of the school year, it’s often hard to prioritize both reading and writing, but both of those activities mean so much to me that I need to carve out time for them.

I intend to explore new ideas and methods to enhance my instruction.  This is my twenty-first year teaching and I want to ensure that I’m always evolving as an educator.

I intend to look for the joy in every situation.  It’s there and I just have to find it.

I intend to enjoy the drive home.  Instead of being in a hurry, I will cruise the rural roads that take me home.  I will notice the cows grazing in the fields.  I will notice the clouds in the sky and the sunlight shining on the mountains.

I intend to connect with my friends and reestablish relationships.

I intend to listen more and talk less.  Sometimes, it’s easy to be the one always talking, but the gift of listening is one that can’t be neglected.

I intend to catch up on my blog reading.  There are several blogs that I enjoy that I need to visit.

I intend to relax this evening.



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