Not An Inch To Spare #sol19


I journeyed to Norfolk, Virginia, today to get ready for the Virginia State Reading Association’s annual conference.  I’m the conference chair, so I had a lot of “stuff” to cart to Norfolk.  Since Norfolk is several hours from home, I needed to make sure that I had everything that I needed before heading out this morning.  I had table decorations for the annual banquet and several other meal functions, gift baskets for raffles, a huge treasure chest with three mermaids representing my conference theme (“Unlocking the Treasures of Literacy”), two floral arrangements made by my Mom for the stage at the General Sessions, snacks for the author “green room,” my computer bag, purse, and of course, my luggage.  This is what my Equinox looked like when I was finished.  There was not a spare inch of room anywhere in the car.  I felt like the Beverly Hillbillies as I headed down the interstate and all I needed was Granny Clampett sitting in her rocker on the roof racks!


5 thoughts on “Not An Inch To Spare #sol19

  1. onathought

    So much fun stuff, though! Sometimes my car looks like that when I am going to a bunch of schools doing a bunch of different things, etc. And when it’s fun stuff, I don’t mind. :0) Have a great time!

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