A Good Problem To Have #sol19


This afternoon, while finishing my sub plans before getting ready to head to Norfolk for #VSRA19, I saw an email alert indicating that an e-book on hold at the library was now available.  I had several books on hold and three of them became available within the past couple of days.

At one point recently, when I had more free time, I was desperate for something to read and couldn’t find anything that engaged me.  This week, I’ll be involved with the conference, so my reading time will be limited.  While I know that I have 14 days to enjoy the books, those 14 days will go by quickly.  Where were these books a couple of weeks ago when I experienced a book drought? At least, though, the books are now on my Kindle and I know that when I have some free moments, I’m prepared with not just one but three good books!


5 thoughts on “A Good Problem To Have #sol19

  1. Trina Haase

    I can totally relate! I feel like this always happens to me as well. Best of luck selecting the best title to read!



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