One digit makes all the difference #sol18

I recently upgraded my smartphone, but experienced some issues with transferring my contacts. As a result, I ended up having to manually enter each number. Thankfully, I had a record of the numbers. Apparently, though, I wasn’t careful enough during the process, as I discovered last night😊

My cousin hosted the Christmas Eve dinner last night and I snapped photographs throughout the evening. Later, I sent him several of the pictures via text message. However, the response that I received perplexed me. The first message was simply a series of question marks. My cousin is a jokester, so I figured he was just being funny. I sent additional pictures and received the following text in response.

Again, I figured he was messing with me. I started to send another picture, but something caused me to pause and look closely at the number. I realized that one digit was incorrect. T never received any of the messages! I’d sent the pictures to a stranger!

I composed and sent a brief message of apology to the person who’d mistakenly received my texts and pictures. Then, I corrected T’s phone number and resent all of the evening’s photos.

I learned an important lesson from this experience. One digit really does make all the difference!


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