If you give a teacher a workday #sol18


If you give a teacher a workday…

She’ll create a long to-do list.

She’ll feel overwhelmed by that to-do list, so she’ll find other things to do that are not on the list.

To avoid that long to-do list, she’ll tackle the mess on her desk.

While tackling the mess on her desk, she’ll discover a candy stash that she’d forgotten.

As she munches the candy, she’ll find a stack of papers that need to be filed. She will decide to save those papers for another day and will stack everything into one big pile while polishing off the bag of candy.

Then, when she tries to scrub the chocolate from her face, one of her colleagues will stop by with a question about a student. They will begin to brainstorm ideas to help the student and an half-hour will pass by before she knows it.

She’ll look back at the to-do list, but since it’s already two o’clock, she will check her email instead. Her inbox will be full and when she clicks on each message, a little more time will pass until it’s the end of the day and another workday is over.

15 thoughts on “If you give a teacher a workday #sol18

  1. Jen Driggers

    I think you just described me every time I make a to-do list! I love that you used this format too! What a great idea and so fun to read. Unfinished to-do lists and piles pretty much sum up my life! Glad to know I’m not alone!

    Liked by 1 person


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