Watch for Pedestrians #sol18


Today has been one of those days when the words have not been flowing.  I started several posts, only to discard them after a few words.  I’ve been working on my to-do list today (two presentations for later this week, grading projects for the online class I’m teaching, lesson plans for the days when I’m at the VSRA conference this week) and when I took breaks throughout the afternoon and early evening, I tried writing a slice.  Finally, I realized that I’d write about a photo I snapped in the Hardee’s drive-thru.  I love Hardee’s biscuits, and they’re a morning treat that I always enjoy.  This morning, while waiting for my order, I had to laugh at this sight as I wondered if the birds were watching for pedestrians:) Maybe there needs to be another sign warning the pedestrians to watch out for the birds!


11 thoughts on “Watch for Pedestrians #sol18

  1. shawndastories

    What a fun post! I think it takes a writer’s eyes to notice small things like you did with the birds and the sign. So many people would pass by without taking a second look at the birds on the sign. You ended up with a great piece in the end.

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