Falling Down The Rabbit Hole-#sol18


I sat down to write my blog post at 8:10.  It is now 9:30 and I am just now recording my words.  That’s right, one hour and seventeen minutes and here I am.  I will admit that for the first ten minutes or so, I scribbled ideas only to cross through them.  I had several ideas, but quickly discovered that they needed more time to incubate.  So, that put me at about 8:20.  I decided to do a quick check of my e-mail and discovered a couple of messages that required a prompt response.  That took maybe another ten minutes at the most.  Okay.  8:30.  No problem! I started to write a few words, but again, those weren’t the right words at the right time.  8:35.  Hmm.  There’s cold pizza in the fridge.  Maybe a little snack? Okay! Then, back to the blank page.  That lasted maybe another five minutes at the most.  I decided to scroll through my Twitter feed.  Then, I remembered that I hadn’t checked out Goodreads for a while, so I entered that web address and started skimming lists and reviews.  That lasted for another ten minutes or so and it’s almost 9:00 and still nothing to post.  Oh, my cup was nearly empty, so I needed to wander out to the kitchen for a refill.  Then, back to my desk.  I picked up an orange pen, but then switched it for a green pen.  I shuffled some papers on my desk before they scattered and searched for the remote.  I clicked through channels, but nothing appealed to me.  Back to the blank page again.  9:17 p.m.  No, I’m not going to pick up my phone again.  No, I’m not going to channel surf one more time.  It’s time to make the words happen.


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