One of those days #sol17


Today is one of those days when I’ve had to sit myself down and tell myself that it’s time to write.  I’ve spent most of the day with a splitting sinus headache that is just beginning to fade, so I’m just now feeling up to spending time in front of the computer.  I’ve posted consistently since the end of February, including the entire month of March and I didn’t want to give in to the temptation to skip this week.  Then, Phil Bildner shared a wonderful Quick Write for Teachers Write, and I wanted to explore that prompt.  So, once I started feeling like my head wasn’t going to explode, I got started on my post and my Quick Write.  While what I’ve written isn’t particularly scintillating, I’m not giving in to that little voice that kept whispering, “It’s okay to skip this week” or “You can do the next Quick Write” because I’m afraid that if I give myself permission to skip once, then what’s to prevent me from doing the same thing when it’s not a perfect day to write? If I want to be serious about writing, then I have to be accountable. If I’m going to be a role model for my students, then I can’t let excuses clutter up my writing life.  While it’s been one of those days, I made it through!


2 thoughts on “One of those days #sol17

  1. onathought

    One of those days here too! I’m trying to write a lot this summer — not much on my blog — but other writing… but day 2 with a horrible headache… it was hard to get any writing done! But you did it! Yay! 🙂

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  2. Ramona

    I was tempted to skip posting this week, but submitted my late post anyway (still Tuesday on the west coast). Some weeks are more challenging than others, but to keep writing in spite of not being inspired, that’s challenging. Congrats on writing in spite of your headache.

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