6 A.M., Scissors, Bangs, and 6 A.M. Do Not Mix-#sol17


I have a love-hate relationship with my bangs.  I love my bangs because they cover up my very wide forehead.  I hate my bangs because they never seem to be symmetrical and they  are the worst bangs ever.  Even when I have them trimmed by a professional, there are always these little pieces that show up unexpectedly and those little pieces never want to behave.  Sometimes, the right side looks longer than the left, or vice versa.  This morning, while attempting to style my hair, I noticed a section of my bangs that was completely out-of-place compared to the rest of my hair.  I fiddled with it, but nothing seemed to make this hair compliant.  Finally, I’d had enough and found a pair of scissors and started snipping.    Little wisps of hair drifted onto  my nose, my sweater, and the vanity.  I brushed off the hair and glanced in the mirror, hoping that things looked better.  When I saw the result, though, I gasped.  The section that I cut was considerably shorter than the rest of my bangs! I had completely misjudged how much I had cut and no matter what I did, it was very noticeable! I tried brushing my hair every which way, but finally, I just gave up.  I cleaned up the mess (who knew that snipping a few strands of hair could make such a mess) and headed off to school with a valuable lesson learned: scissors, bangs, and 6 A.M. certainly do not mix!


4 thoughts on “6 A.M., Scissors, Bangs, and 6 A.M. Do Not Mix-#sol17

  1. elsie

    You’ve left me laughing, but I know this is no laughing matter to you. I will heed your warning and keep all scissors away from hair at 6 a.m. I have a cowlick so my bangs never really look right. I’ve come to accept it.


  2. Adrienne

    What a great slice of life post! You had me laughing and thinking back to a colleague who, very early in the morning, decided to iron her wrinkled blouse WHILE SHE WAS WEARING IT! Some actions should not be undertaken early in the morning.



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