The blinking cursor #sol16


It’s Tuesday and I am trying to get myself back into the habit of slicing.  So, while eating lunch, I opened a new blog post and got ready to type.  However, for the past ten minutes, I’ve done nothing but stare at the blinking cursor on my computer.  The blinking really is quite mesmerizing.  It’s a steady blink, blink, blink….I try to wrestle myself back to the task at hand, but my train of thought has already left the station and departed to parts unknown.

As I attempted to collect my thoughts, I considered writing about a couple of new notebooks that I picked up recently.  I couldn’t resist the notebook on the left because I think pugs are adorable and I love bacon:) I came across the notebook on the right when shopping at our local Ollie’s and I loved the colors.  I’ve already started jotting down a few notes for a book review that I’m writing.

I also thought about the weekend and how I spent hours and hours just reading.  It was so relaxing to do nothing but read! I had two Amazon gift cards to spend and after I scrolled through my wist list, I settled into my big blue recliner and lost myself in another world.  I hadn’t had this luxury for quite a while, so it was so nice to catch up on some reading.  I love Susan May Warren’s books and came across her Montana Fire series.  Before I knew it, I had downloaded and read all three books in the series along with a couple of “cozy mysteries.”

As I wrote the previous sentence, I realized that I had broken the spell of the blinking cursor because I forced myself to put words on the page.  Sometimes, I get so caught up in overthinking what I’ve written (or even what I’m about to write) that distractions (like that blinking cursor) take over.  I just had to power through it and get the words down.  While it’s not the best writing, I know that I can always revisit the piece, expand on the ideas, and revise.  It can always get better, but that can’t happen until the words actually make it onto the page.





5 thoughts on “The blinking cursor #sol16

  1. Melanie Meehan

    And sometimes, we just have to start writing to produce writing. Isn’t that the truth. Drop the self-conscious thoughts and the prerequisite ideas that it has to be great, and just get going. I’m so glad you did, and your weekend sounds like it was wonderful!


  2. Adrienne

    I went to a YA author event on Sunday and someone asked them to say what they did to break writer’s block. One of the authors, Leigh Bardugo, said, just write exactly what you are thinking. Without having been there on Sunday, you followed her advice!



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