Conversations #sol16

Today, some of my students were writing about things that they don’t like to do.  When we started off by brainstorming ideas at the beginning of the lesson, a girl in the group vehemently stated that she didn’t want to get married.  The expression on the face of the boy sitting next to her was priceless! He was absolutely crestfallen by this particular girl’s declaration.  Once he recovered from the shock, he piped up and said, “I want to get married!” However, that comment did not seem to sway the girl.  She responded to his comment with “I don’t want to change my name.”  The boy wasn’t deterred by this statement and he countered with, “I’ll change mine!” I had a hard time not only keeping a straight face, but also redirecting the students’ attention to the task on hand, which was identifying something to write about.  When funny conversations like this happen, I tend to stop and take a moment to enjoy them.  It’s conversations like this that remind me why working with kids is always entertaining and never dull.


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