Hump Day Hot Stop #sol15


“It’s hump daaaaay!” To celebrate hump day each week, my principal sets up a “hump day hot stop” for faculty and staff.  She places the school Keurig on the cart, along with an assortment of K-cups, tea bags, and packets of hot chocolate near the main office.  Usually there’s also some kind of baked goods ready to enjoy along with the hot beverage.  Throughout the day, whenever we have a break, we can stop and enjoy a treat.  For those of us who depend on frequent infusions of caffeine, the hump day hot stop is a welcome sight!


However, in addition to getting a caffeine fix, the hump day hot stop represents something more.  This is just one of many thoughtful things that my principal does for us.  She always shows us through words and actions just how much she appreciates us and our hard work.  The hump day hot stop is more than just a place to get a hot cup of tea or coffee. It represents one of the many reasons why my school is a great place to work!


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