Back to school-#SOL15


Yesterday was my first full day of school since February 13 due to snow days and delayed openings.  It was so nice to get back into a regular routine! I was excited to see my students seamlessly slide back into our routine without missing a beat. Plus, I missed my kids!

I asked students to write about the snow days and several of them stated emphatically that they didn’t like all the snow days that we’d had.  One student complained of being stuck and home and missing her friends at school, while another student wrote that she didn’t like the snow days because if you’re not at school, you miss learning.  While there were students who wrote about building snowmen, having snowball fights, and going sledding, not all of them celebrated the impromptu vacation.

Hopefully, we have a full week of school, although the forecast for Thursday sounds a little problematic with the possibility of some more snow.  However, I’m going to try not to think about Thursday.  Instead, I’m going to enjoy today and tomorrow with my kids!


4 thoughts on “Back to school-#SOL15

  1. smpeters

    Raised in Minnesota, I remember, all too well, the bittersweetness of snow days. Living in the tropical climate of Malaysia, those days are long gone. Your post reminded me of snow forts, sledding and lazing about drinking hot chocolate while your wet mittens dry themselves on the radiators. Thank you for the nostalgic journey. Fingers crossed for no snow days!


  2. Tara

    It sounds like your school provides a very safe and caring place for these kids! We, too, might get more snow on Thursday. I don’t think we’ve had a full week of school in 2015!


  3. jennbrownlee5

    You have to be writing from Tennessee! I’m right there with you- let’s chant it out loud!! No More Snow!! No More Snow! No inside-out pjs, no ice cubes in the toilet, no upside-down spoons under your pillow! I’m so glad you wrote about it!



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