What should I do first? #sol15


Faced with another snow day, I’m sitting here, trying to decide what to attack first on my to-do list.  Housework? Laundry? Schoolwork? Presentation for next week? Midterm for class? Walk on the treadmill? Slice? Yes.  That’s what I’ll do first.  Even in the few short days during which I’ve participated, slicing and reading other slicers’ posts has become an important part of my day.  I love this feeling of being connected in this huge network of other educator-writers.

I look out the window to see that the rain has transitioned to a sleet/snow mix.  The heat clicks on and I hear a car pass by.  The kitchen clock is tick tick ticking.  I notice the time and realize that I should be working with a second grader right now. We should be finding out if Sammy the Seal ever returns to the zoo!

I feel pressured to make these snow days productive because if I were at school, I’d be busy working with students, thinking about and planning the next steps that I need to take to support their literacy development.  I would be connecting with classroom teachers and my principal.  I would be learning and growing along with my colleagues and my students.  Unfortunately, snow days puts all of this on hold for now.  Now, it’s time for me to return to my to-do list.  Hmmm…what’s next?

3 thoughts on “What should I do first? #sol15

  1. Lauren Lynfield

    I love your post! And I share your feelings! We don’t give ourselves a break. I’m always amazed at how few people realize how much goes into teaching. I hope you let yourself relax a little today. Tomorrow will be another busy day!


  2. mrssurridge

    Oh my goodness, I know this feeling. You have a million things to do and an urgency to do them and then the plans have to change, for whatever reason, and you find yourself with free time and you freeze. I usually end up completely wasting all that time…because I can. I hope you get to enjoy it.



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