The Daily Commute-#SOL15


My route to school follows a curvy two-lane rural road.  As I travel between home and school on this road, I have a beautiful view of the mountains, especially when the sun is rising and the skies are pink, purple, and orange.  Some mornings, I have had to stop and pull out my camera to record the sunrise because it’s so breathtaking. On many mornings, in addition to watching the gorgeous sunrises, I also have to be hyper-vigilant and watch out for deer.  There are certain places where I can expect one or two, or even more deer to congregate on the side of the road as they try to decide whether or not they want to cross.  Sometimes, one deer will bravely jump out, while other times, the whole group sprints across the road.  No matter if it’s one or five and that I know to watch for them, I sometimes still have to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision.  Then everything in the passenger seat (my laptop bag, school bag, and purse) ends up in the floor.  Occasionally, I’ve gotten stuck behind a slow-moving trash truck on the way to the county landfill, but thankfully that hasn’t happened in a while.  No matter what, though, I have a pretty nice daily commute.  I don’t have to deal with bumper-to-bumper traffic or a long, extended, stressful drive to work.  Plus, at the end of my morning commute, I arrive at an incredible school filled with hard-working educators who love kids. IMG_1992 - Version 2


5 thoughts on “The Daily Commute-#SOL15

  1. shaggerspicchu

    Jen, you are so lucky. I want to check back here to see more beautiful sunrises on your blog. Thanks for sharing your commute with us!


  2. Adrienne

    I have an urban morning commute, but I am just as attuned to certain parts of it. It is the sam and yet different every morning. And I use it to help myself get ready for the day ahead. It is all part of my process.


  3. blkdrama

    Wow Jen what a great ride to inspire your day of teaching. I’d have to have my camera next to me as well with extra travel time to stop and observe my world.


  4. readingteach

    I have a similar commute. I love being surrounded by the beauty of nature as I make my way to a busy day. Your sunrise picture is breathtaking! Thanks for sharing.



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