Six word stories #sol20

I decided to write six word stories about my week.

When technology glitches, please remain calm.

Smartphone document cameras work just fine!

Recording videos, no more retakes please!

A preschooler’s tears soak her mask.

Not enough hours, too few minutes.

Enthusiastic students are ready to learn!

We can do this, be strong!

3 thoughts on “Six word stories #sol20

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    I love 6 word stories! I just did these with my class to go along with their self-portraits. The one that really got me was ‘A preschooler’s tears soak her mask”. What an image. That one pulled at my heart.


  2. Marina Rodriguez

    What a beautiful way to capture your week! There is so much hidden behind each of those stories. “Not enough hours, too few minutes.” Is the line that seemed to call on me, after my long day.



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